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Blankets Needed

Published on 25 April 2018 04:00 PM

Age UK York workers drive patients home from hospital and often they've come to hospital as emergency patients just in their night clothes. Imagine going home in just a nightie or pyjamas!

So we provide comfy warm blankets. It all helps make patients feel a bit better. BUT we need the squares to make into these blankets. Can you help?

Please donate squares 4 inches x 4 inches (10.5 centimetres x 10.5 centimetres) or sew a blanket about 4 feet x 5 feet (122 centimetres x 152 centimetres).

If you have odd balls of wool and would like to donate those, our own team of knitters and sewers will be very grateful (and so will York Hospital patients).

Knitted squares and wool can be left at any of our shops.

Thank you.