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A safe, stimulating enviroment for all that encourages social interaction 

Our Day Centre makes an important contribution to the lives of the older person by acting as a prevenative measure for problems caused by lack of social interaction and stimulation, it plays a vital role in supporting individulas and in mainitaining their contact with the community. We hope that our day services is a focal point of the week and something that gives structure and purpose.

A welcoming, comfortable enviroment that promotes social inclusion for you or your loved one

Delicious, two course nutritious meals and refreshements provided 

Offers a wide range of stimulating activities and events that encourages dignity and independance 

Helps older people who need support to stay in their own home and continue to live as independatley as possible 

Our trained staff and volunteers are on hand at all times to ensure that you have a lovely day out, we fully understand any concerns you may have but will greet you with a 'cuppa' and a friendly smile, in know time at all you'll be joining in and making new friends 

We know from talking to older people that attending day services: 

  • It may reduce the harmfull effects of psychological stress

  • Social interaction is associated with good mental quality of life among older people 

  • Social involement and the avoidance of social isolation are important for the maintenance of cognitive abilities

  • Involvement in activities promote a sense of self efficiency that has been linked to several important health and wellbeing outcomes in later 

Our Day Centre is designed for people 60 and over living in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. We are unable to provide personal care. The cost of the day is £25 which includes transport . The day centre operates weekly on a wednesday between 10-3. For those with dementia or cognitive issues pleased see what dementia services we have available

To find out more please contact Laura Hunt on 01202 530530 or via email