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Not all volunteering needs to be a few hours a week or a regular commitment.  You can make a huge difference to us and our clients with just a few seconds!

Micro Volunteering is a way of volunteering with no regular commitment but with a massive impact.  Whether it's a couple of seconds to like a social media post, an hour helping us make hampers, donating your fundraising from your latest adventure or challenge or giving up a day of your time to help us paint a wall, it's all appreciated and all makes a difference.

Often these roles do not require you to fill out forms, waiting for DBS clearance - or in some cases even tell us your doing them!

Below are some ideas on how you can micro-volunteer with us.  But if you can think of other ways please do let us know, or contact us with your ideas.

  • Lets be Friends! Friend us on Facebook or Twitter and like, retweet and share as much as possible to get our message out there!
  • Swap a coffee for a better buzz - once a month donate the cost of your coffee to us.  Forms can be found here.  That single coffee could mean we can keep offering services that would otherwise disappear!
  • Share the Seasonal Cheer - make a pact with your office that you won't send each other Christmas Cards this year - send an email instead and put the money saved in a donation box and send us the cash as a little present!  You'll also be saving trees, reducing waste, your CO2 footprint, recycling and doing your bit for the environment - so everyone wins!
  • Take us on your next Adventure - planning your next challenge or adventure?  Take us with you!  Whether you are planning your first 5k or your 20th marathon, donating your sponsorship to us means we are with you every step of the way.  If you let us know you want to raise funds for us this way will also share your adventure on our social media and put your story on our website.
  • Package the Love - have an hour to spare in early December?  Help us prepare food packages for our less mobile, house-bound or really vulnerable clients - or see their faces light up by helping us deliver these parcels to their homes all over both boroughs.
  • Eat Cake and Catch Up - have a bake sale at your church, scout group, swimming club... and donate your profits to us.  Just one afternoon event could mean that we get to host social groups for the older lonely community for a whole year!
  • Creative Crafting - we work with Innocent to decorate all those little smoothie bottles with those wonderful little hats ranging from simple bobble hats right through to mushrooms, unicorns, handbags and sharks!  Each one of those little hats is handmade by people like you, and we get 25p for every single one.  There's loads of patterns for knitters and crocheters and you are encouraged to make-up your own.  You can find out more about our campaign here, and if you can't knit or crochet but would like to know how - contact us and we'll teach you!
  • Do nothing now! - But remember us in your will.  A legacy to Age UK Bromley & Greenwich, taken after you have passed away and no longer need the money, means we can continue to look after the older generation with your kindness.

Next Steps

Want to let us know what you are planning - or talk to us about your ideas?