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Winter advice

  • How cold weather affects your health

    Winter weather can bring many risks to you and your family. There's the usual winter coughs, colds and flu, but then there's also risks to your health associated with flooding and storms.

  • Keeping well this winter

    As we get older, changes to our bodies mean that cold weather and winter bugs affect us more than they used to.

  • Ways to keep the spirit up

    Here are some things you can do to stay safe, keep warm and beat off those winter blues.

  • Cold weather advice

    What to do when the weather is particularly bad. Beat the bad weather with these simple steps.

Winter Health

Useful Guides for Winter Warmth

  • Save energy, pay less

    This guide looks at ways to make your home warmer without spending more on your heating bills. There are plenty of quick and easy things you can do that won't cost you a thing.

  • Top tips for keeping warm and well

    Easy things you can do to help yourself stay healthy throughout winter.

  • Winter wrapped up

    A guide to keeping warm and well this winter. It explains what you can do to get yourself and your home ready for winter as well as where to go for more information and support.

  • Recipes for a warmer winter

    A booklet of delicious ways to keep you warm

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