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Exercise classes at Florence Longman Active Living Club

Published on 19 October 2019 04:45 PM

Over the last 20 years, there has been an increase in the number of falls experienced by those aged over 65. Falls can lead to serious issues, and sometimes long-term issues that require increased social and health care needs for a person for the rest of their life.

hcpaRemaining active and maintaining fitness and mobility are important in reducing the likelihood of having a fall.

The Hertfordshire Care Providers Association( HCPA ) launched a StopFalls Campaign in 2018 with the aim of reducing falls in Hertfordshire. 

They are currently doing a ten-week exercise class  our Florence Longman Active Living Club having successfully completed one in our Tring Cogs Club in July. 

Exercise Stop Falls
Muscle-strengthening exercise class in session at our Florence Longman Active Living Club


Key Factors Causing Falls:

  1. Muscle strength and joints.
    Regular physical exercise strengthens muscles at any age especially the over-60s.
  2. Rushing to the toilet.
    If you are in a hurry, especially in the dark at night, it can make falls more likely.
  3. Multiple medications.
    Some common medicationsare associated with dizziness, cause drops in blood pressure when standing up, or drowsiness, all of which can increase the risk of falling.
  4. Eyesight changes
    Ageing can decrease contrast sensitivity, which makes it harder to see the edge of steps and curbs, alters depth perception and cause visual disturbances, all of which make a person more likely to fall.
  5. Alcohol
    As we get older, drinking alcohol results in higher blood alcohol concentration than drinking the same amount when we were younger. Older people are more likely to experience unsteadiness after drinking alcohol.


Falls Prevention. The StopFalls Campaign was launched to reduce the number of falls in Hertfordshire. In many cases falls are not an inevitable part of getting older.

The campaign aims to tackle the issue by promoting exercise and other preventative techniques that can be implemented in various settings to improve an individual's strength and  reduce their likelihood of having a fall.

Falls Prevention resources (information and fact sheets, tips, instructional videos,etc) for carers can be downloaded from the Stop Falls Campaign website here.

Here are some chair-based exercise videos from hcpa.