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Face masks

Published on 27 June 2020 05:46 PM

face covering
Face covering guidance    What is a suitable face covering?    When is it mandatory to wear a face covering?  How do I alert someone to the reason why I am not wearing a face covering?  ... and other questions answered


Are you exempt from wearing a face covering? If you’re not able to wear a face covering, you may feel more comfortable wearing an exemption badge or displaying a card. You can download from here 

In early May, Jan Tompkins contacted us through Facebook to ask if we would like some masks sewn for our shopping volunteers. All materials used were being donated by  DIY COVID Masks. This was when

we first learnt of the community project  DIY COVID Masks.

We were then still in lockdown and the wearing of masks by the public was not mandatory anywhere. We accepted her offer and within a couple of weeks, we received 70 beautifully-made masks from Jan. Thank you very much, Jan. We really appreciate all your efforts in sewing the masks and getting them to us.

We would also like to thank Eileen Tibbles for the masks she has sewn for us.

We have offered the donated masks to volunteers and staff. Please contact us (Phone 01442 259049 and leave a message) if you would like a mask. 

About the Community Project - DIY COVID Masks

What is DIY COVID Masks?
DIY COVID Masks is a community project founded by two neighbours in Hertfordshire; Roger Hadland, an engineer, created the protective mask design and Naomi Woodstock, a sewing enthusiast, adapted it to make it more durable. A private benefactor donated enough funds to provide free materials packs for volunteers across the country to sew 10,000 protective masks for key workers. As of Sunday 14th June, they reached their 10,000th masks target.

This was their message on their website: 'We did it!  Through the kindness of an anonymous benefactor, we had enough materials to enable the creation of 10,000 masks to help supply care homes and key workers with vital PPE to keep them safe. We reached our target on Sunday 14th June, 9 weeks since we launched this website. Thank you so muc

h to all of our volunteers to make that possible.'

What are the masks made from and are they safe?
You can read more about the science behind the masks on DIY COVID Masks's website. They are made from HEPA 10 four-layer fabric which is formed from synthetic electret fibre and is safe.

How is DIY COVID Masks able to give materials packs away for free?
A private benefactor local to Hertfordshire has donated the funds but has asked to remain anonymous.

Will wearing a mask stop me from getting Coronavirus?
Face masks are being recommended as a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  There have been studies that suggest masks can decrease the chances of contracting the virus.

How do masks provide protection?
These are articles published relating to the benefits of wearing a mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

CNN, 1st April 2020
A Cochrane Review…. found strong evidence during the 2003 SARS epidemic in support of wearing masks. One study of community transmission in Beijing found that "consistently wearing a mask in public was associated with a 70% reduction in the risk of catching SARS."

The Telegraph, 19th April 2020
Doctors across the UK have lent their support to ‘Masks4allUK’, a movement set up by medical professionals in the wake of the Government’s reluctance to make mass-wearing of facial masks compulsory.

Guardian, 21st April 2020
Prof Sian Griffiths, who led the Hong Kong government’s investigation into the 2003 Sars epidemic, said Britain should adopt the same approach as the US, where people are advised to make their own “cloth face coverings” and wear them in public spaces.

World Health Organisation
Masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water. If you wear a mask, then you must know how to use it and dispose of it properly.

BBC 18th June 2020
Coronavirus: Who should wear a face mask or face covering?

Patient 18th June 2020
What are the latest rules on face masks in the UK? As rules ease slightly in some parts of the UK, new measures are introduced to keep us safe as our exposure to the outside world increases. One of these measures is wearing a face mask or covering which, in England, has become mandatory in some situations.

Guidance on Staying safe outside your home 24th June 2020
Guidance from the government on the wearing of face coverings.