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Cold Weather Alert!

Published on 12 January 2022 01:01 PM

The Met Office has issued a level 2 Cold Weather Alert.

The Met Office has issued a level 2 Cold Weather Alert for West Midlands, East Midlands, East England, Southeast England, London, Southwest England. 

There is a 70% probability of severe cold weather between 1800 on Thursday 13 Jan and 0900 on Monday 17 Jan.

We would like to inform all that there is a strong chance of temperatures falling below 2°C from Thursday to Monday, if you know any older people, neighbours,family, friends etc, please make sure they have everything they need to keep warm and well.

Exposure to the cold can have a devastating impact on older people, who are particularly vulnerable to the impact of low temperatures. As people get older it takes longer to warm up which can be bad for health. Breathing in cold air lowers the body temperature, and raises the risk of chest infections, heart attacks and strokes.

To help the older people of our community please ask them to heat their home to a steady temperature throughout the day and night, we recommend at least 18°C (64°F), and wear suitable clothing. It is also best to keep bedroom windows shut on a winter’s night.

 Beat the bad weather with these simple steps:

1.If bad weather is forecast, make sure you have everything you need. Check you've got enough medication and food in case it's harder to leave the house. A bottle of water could be handy if the water supply is interrupted.

2.Have torches handy around the home in case of a power cut. And some spare batteries too!

3. Keep emergency numbers nearby. Call 105 in the event of a power cut – you can report a power cut and get information and advice if there is one in your area. You can also register with your supplier so they'll call you in the event of a power cut.

4. Take extra care if the ground is slippery. Wear shoes with good grip and consider keeping salt and sand mixture handy to grit paths. You could ask your neighbours for help to clear paths or driveways clear in bad weather – most people are more than happy to help.

5. Plan ahead when driving. Try to avoid going out in the car in bad weather if possible, and make sure you follow advice on driving conditions near you. If you do need to go out, pack up the following kit in case you get stuck: blankets, a bottle of water or flask of hot drink, some snacks, a shovel, a de-icer or scraper, a mobile phone and charger.

More detailed forecasts for individual regions can be found on the Met Office website here:

Met Office: Cold Weather Alerts

What do Age UK Dacorum offer to keep warm? 

We currently are running a FREE "Warm Homes Initiative" across Hertfordshire until March 31st 2022.

Our trusted handyperson will visit your home to check how efficient it is. If changes need to be made, they will then fit appropriate equipment to increase the energy and thermal efficiency of your home.

We also offer "Information and Signposting", if you need any advice, information or have any queries please get in touch. 


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