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We depend on the help and support of people in the community who recognise the importance of the work we do by generously making a donation or deciding to leave us a legacy in their will.
Your donation will be used to promote the well-being of all older people in Dacorum and to help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Make a donation


We value every single donation, large or small and thank you for supporting us with a financial gift.
Just Giving is Age UK Dacorum's platform for online donation.
Donate with JustGiving

Other ways of donating
Choose an option below to donate to Age UK Dacorum by (1) sending a text message with your mobile phone (JustTextGiving), (2) by cheque, payroll giving or leaving a legacy.


(1) Donate by Sending a Text Message by  Mobile Phone


Donate by mobile phone with JustTextGiving  

Age UK Dacorum’s code is AUKD16 and the JustTextGiving number to text to is 70070

How to Text 

Text  AUKD16    amount ( £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10) to 70070   

AUKD16    £1     if you want to donate  £1
AUKD16    £5     if you want to donate  £5
AUKD16   £10    if you want to donate  £10

Cost of text message
All text donations are Free. This is made possible by the support from the Vodafone Foundation (registered charity 1089625).  Sending this text message will not affect your free allowance from your price plan or bundle even if you're not with Vodafone

How your donation is collected
When you make a text donation, the amount will either be deducted from your mobile phone's  Pay as you go credit or added to your mobile phone bill. 100% of your text donation (including Gift Aid) will be sent to Age UK Dacorum.

Adding Gift Aid to your donation
If you want to add Gift Aid to your donation reply to the Gift Aid text sent to you with your donation. Follow the Gift Aid instructions. Adding Gift Aid means Age UK Dacorum will get an extra 25% of your donation

 (2) Donate by cheque, Payroll giving or by leaving a legacy


If you would like to send a cheque, please make your cheque payable to Age UK Dacorum. If specified, a donation can be credited to any individual project or projects.

Please send cheques to:

Age UK Dacorum
Half Moon Yard
High Street
Hemel Hempstead
HP1 3AE .

Payroll giving

This type of donation is made regularly through your salary. It means that we can plan ahead and make the most of your gift. Please contact us if you wish to donate this way.

Leave a legacy

Legacies are crucial to our income and help us sustain services upon which so many needy and vulnerable older people depend.

Gift Aid

How Gift Aid works

Charities take your donation (which is money you’ve already paid tax on), and then reclaim tax on its ‘gross’ equivalent. In practice, this means that if you give £10 to charity using Gift Aid, that gift is worth £12.50 to the charity. The income from Gift Aid will help to fund the whole of Age UK's work.  Age UK will treat all donations that you have made for the past four years and all donations you make in the future as Gift Aid donations, until you tell Age UK otherwise.

Who can use Gift Aid?

UK taxpayers can tick the box, as long as they pay an amount of income tax and/or capital gains tax in the financial year equal or greater than the tax we reclaim on the donations. If you complete a Self Assessment tax return you will need to note in it that you made a Gift Aid donation.

Non taxpayers

Gift Aid only applies to tax payers.