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Befriending is when a volunteer visits an older person to chat, listen and become a friend in their own home.

At first contact a member of our team will visit  the older person to ascertain hobbies and interests. Those with needs beyond Age UK Dacorum’s remit  will be signposted to organisations who can help.

A volunteer with similar interests is matched. Volunteers will visit weekly to chat and socialise.

The service is free.


Maria, a volunteer befriender, explains how she regularly visits Barbara, how this benefits her and why the befriending scheme is so important.

Who is the service for?

We provide friendship and support for older people who are lonely, bereaved, isolated or housebound, to encourage social interaction and companionship.  This makes a huge impact on their quality of life.


Do you know someone who could benefit from our befriending service? Only individuals living on their own are eligible to be considered for our befriending service.

Referrals can be made from individuals, family friends, neighbours and professionals. 

Call Age UK Dacorum’s Befriending Service at 01442 221001 or contact us online for more details.

Who are our volunteers?

Our volunteers come from all walks of life but are all carefully selected and screened before they visit anyone (including a full police check). We always try to match our volunteers to older people who have similar interests and outlook. The same person will visit each time so that a trusting relationship can be built over time.

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If you have any queries please contact Sonali on 01442 221001 or 01442 259049  Ext. 211, or email