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Stay in touch: Information and Advice

  • Test and trace

    What is the test and trace service?
    How do I get a test for coronavirus?
    How does it work?
    What counts as a ‘close contact’?
    What do I need to do if I get coronavirus symptoms?
    ... and other questions answered

  • Face covering guidance

    What is a suitable face covering?
    Where can I get a face covering from?
    When is it mandatory to wear a face covering?
    How do I alert someone to the reason why I am not wearing a face covering?
    ... and other questions answered

Stay active at home: activities

  • Herbert Street

    Herbert Street - A Tale of Hemel Hempstead - a book to read or listen to during the lockdown.

  • Olga Melita

    Olga Melita, Psychologist & Mental Health Educator  shares some self-help videos to help older people through self-isolation and the lockdown.

  • 31 creative challenges designed to be a month's worth of short, daily inspirations to try.

  • Activities for the lockdown

    Activities to do during self-isolation and the lockdown -  exercises, music, poetry, and more.

Guide- Active at Home
Active at Home - a guide to being active at home during the coronavirus outbreak    From Public Health England this booklet has been developed to support older people and those who are shielded to be active and healthy at home. Download the booklet for information on how to get active in and around the home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Stay at home: Wellbeing

  • Stay at home: Your Wellbeing

    Taking care of your mind as well as your body is really important while staying at home 

  • Loneliness prevention tips for older people during lockdown

    Social distancing measures can leave older people feeling lonely. Here’s how to avoid feeling isolated during the coronavirus crisis.

    Read more: - Which?

    Social distancing measures can leave older people feeling lonely. Here’s some tips from Which? on how to avoid feeling isolated during the coronavirus crisis.

  • Gransnet forum on Coronavirus

    Find useful resources during self-isolation and join the online community at Gransnet's forum on coronavirus.

  • Mental wellbeing audio guides

    Here is a  series of mental wellbeing audio guides from the NHS to help you boost your mood, control anxiety, overcome sleep problems and more.

Stay at home: Mental Health

CORONAVIRUS - a SHORT GUIDE      These are uncertain times, and coronavirus is affecting lives across the country. It’s a new illness, so we don’t understand everything about it yet. But we do know how to reduce the risk of catching the virus and spreading it to others. This guide covers what those things are, and how you can continue to look after yourself and others.