Getting older can bring new issues and challenges we may not have encountered before  counselling

  • Giving up work can  trigger unexpected anxieties and the need to reassess our self-identity

  • Experience of illness, either your own or of those around you, can impact  confidence and emotional wellbeing 

  • The loss of a loved one can leave us feeling isolated or lonely. It can be difficult adjusting to the immense changes that take place after the death of someone very important to us. Grief can shake everything up - your beliefs, your personality, and even your sense of reality.  

Counselling offer a variety of benefits which can enhance your life  

  • Talking and exploring your thoughts with a non-judgmental person can make you feel less alone and more able to sort out your thoughts in a productive way

  • Counselling will help you make sense of issues regarding older age and alleviate anxieties about death, loss and illness

  • Counselling improves self-esteem and will help you gain the confidence needed to join new social groups, discover new interests and build new relationships

If something is troubling you it can be worth spending some time talking about why this may be happening

Our Service

The service is open to all people aged 50 and above living in the borough of Dacorum.

The is a free service, and all information is confidential to the Counselling Service. 
We are able to offer counselling sessions in your own home.
Our counsellors work under the guidelines of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

If you feel that counselling may be of help to you please contact us or call Anne on 01442 221008.

Further information