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Mrs S Story

Published on 14 January 2021 01:07 PM

"In my darkest hours I had nobody and didn't think I would be able to bounce back."

Mrs. S was deemed fit to go home from hospital, but continued to struggle with her mental health, which left her feeling vulnerable and alone. As well as this, she was also having up to 10 seizures a day as a result of her living with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), which only heightened her anxiety, making her living situation worse.

After some time, Mrs. S got back in contact with the hospital who referred her to the Hospital & Community Navigation Service (HCNS). To help her gain control of her physical and mental conditions, the HCNS Team got in contact with social support, who offered her a trial session care package for six months.HCNS - Mrs S Quote.png

The HCNS Team spoke to Mrs. S and explained that to gain a permanent care package and to show that this would hugely benefit her, she would have to gather her GP notes and show improvement since receiving the care. The team helped her gather all of the evidence she needed and she was successful in gaining the package permanently.

"The HCNS Team have been great! They were always available for support, and if they didn't know the answer to my question they would go away and find out."