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How you can get involved with #SecondHandSeptember

Published on 01 September 2023 08:12 AM

This September, Age UK Lancashire is encouraging people across Lancashire to get involved with #SecondHandSeptemeber.  

Second Hand September is a campaign to encourage people to buy preloved items and donate unwanted items for the duration of the month. Originally created by Oxfam, Age UK Lancashire are supporting the campaign to make people across Lancashire aware of the benefits of changing their shopping habits for 30 days and make a difference at the same time.  

Age UK Lancashire have 9 shops across Lancashire who are all supporting Second-Hand September. Shopping with and donating to Age UK Lancashire will support the most vulnerable and isolated people in the county.  

Find the nearest shop near you.

How can you get involved? 

Shop Second-hand  

Buying second hand can help lower the overall demand for new clothing being produced. Age UK Lancashire have 9 shops across the county selling great quality items, clothing, and furniture which you can help prolong the life of and prevent them ending in landfill.  

You can even tap into your own creative side and upcycle clothing or furniture bought in our charity shop.   

Have a clear out!  

Have a declutter at home and free up some wardrobe space whilst also giving your clothes and items a new lease by donating to one of our charity shops.  

If you do donate to one of our shops, please ensure items are in saleable condition, i.e. no damage or wear and tear, plenty of life left and clean.  

For any larger items of furniture such as couches or wardrobes, Age UK Lancashire offer a free pick-up service – please call 07715 060212 to arrange.  

Spread the word! 

A really simple way to support people shopping second hand is to spread the message, sharing our posts on social media and spreading the word of our charity shops. Find us here.