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Writing a will can be daunting. No-one wants to dwell on what will happen after they have passed on, but our will writing promotion can help make the process simple and affordable for everyone. 

How does it work?

Whilst the pandemic disrupted our Will writing promotion in 2021, the promotion during March and April 2022 is open to anyone 55 and over who would like to take the important step of making their will to ensure that after their death their family has peace of mind and that their wishes are carried out…

The promotion is supported by over 25 firms of local solicitors who, during the duration of March and April’s promotion will generously reduce their price to £35 + VAT for an updated or simple, uncomplicated will.

Whilst our prime objective is not fundraising, many people who take advantage of the no strings attached, reduced cost promotion, decide to either leave us a gift in their will or make a donation.  Gifts in wills are a vital source of income for us and enable us to continue our work supporting local older people.

When is the service available?

The promotion is available throughout March and April 2022

How do I arrange for a Will to be written?

In your wills pack you have a short questionnaire which includes contact information of the Solicitors taking part in the promotion.  It’s so simple, just call and arrange an appointment with your preferred solicitor, take your completed questionnaire along and your solicitor will help you to get things moving…

For more information or to request your 2022 wills pack, please contact or call 0116 299 2233