Christopher Duff is Chief Executive of Age UK Northamptonshire

Age UK Northamptonshire is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Chief Executive to join its staff team. 

Christopher Duff took up his post formally on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.  He was previously the Chief Executive for Rotherham Hospice where he increased the positive profile of the Hospice and the number of patients it supported.  Prior to that, he was the Workforce Director for MacIntyre Charity. MacIntyre is a very well regarded provider of support services to Children and Adults with learning disabilities.  

Julia Faulkner, Chair of the Board of Trustees commented.  “Chris Duff brings a wealth of relevant experience to our organisation.  He has built a career at a senior level in health and care and is well used to leadership roles in the charitable sector. He also has good experience in the commercial and public sectors.  We are all very much looking forward to welcoming him to the team and to working with him.”

Julia also paid tribute to Liam Condron, who is retiring as Chief Executive after 25 years, saying “It has been an absolute pleasure working with Liam who has been an outstanding leader for our organisation, providing inspiration and astute direction helping Age UK Northamptonshire through many stages of development until now, where we are providing more services to more people in our community than ever before.”

Christopher Duff also commented: “I am delighted to be taking up this new challenge.  Age UK Northamptonshire is a well-respected and well-loved charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for people and I am sure the role will be a very fulfilling one.”


The chief executive is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation.

This includes:

  • ensuring the executive committee receives the information needed to carry out its duties
  • seeing that policy decisions are carried out
  • contributing to the development of the organisation
  • management of staff

Our board of trustees

Age UK Northamptonshire is an independent charity responsible for its own funds. 

The trustees operate as an executive committee ("The Board of trustees") for the charitable company.  They are responsible for the governance of the charitable company and for the provision of business and financial administration.  They are supported by the Chief Officer and other senior staff.

The aim and responsibility of every trustee is to ensure that Age UK Northamptonshire operates in a manner which enables it to fulfil the objectives given in the constitution in as effective a manner as possible.

Our trustees are unpaid volunteers.

The last Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 18th October 2017.  The following people are currently members of the Board of Trustees:

Anne Goodman, President of Age UK Northamptonshire Julia Faulkner, Chair of Age UK Northamptonshire  Andrew Rees, Honorary Treasurer of Age UK Northamptonshire
Anne Goodman
Julia Faulkner
Andrew Rees
Honorary treasurer
Clive Dobbs - trustee of Age UK Northamptonshire Jackie Haynes, trustee of Age UK Northamptonshire   
Clive Dobbs
Jackie Haynes
Tony Lainsbury
Barry Lilley, Age UK Northamptonshire trustee  Lee Mason, Age UK Northamptonshire trustee Peter Newham, trustee of Age UK Northamptonshire
Barry Lilley
Lee Mason
Peter Newham
 Judith Robinson, Age UK Northamptonshire trustee  Robert Wootton, Age UK Northamptonshire trustee  
Judith Robinson
Robert Wootton

Connected charities
Age UK Northamptonshire is a member of Age England Association which includes a large number of connected charities working around the UK.  The charitable company and its subsidiary (Age UK Northamptonshire Trading Limited) hold licenses to use the Age UK name and logo for an unlimited period so long as they meet the conditions of use in terms of standards and procedures within the organisations.

The charitable company's subsidiary undertaking, Age UK Northamptonshire Trading Limited, acts as an agent to sell insurance products for older individuals for Age UK Enterprises Limited.  

The Venton 2000 Settlement is a linked charity to Age UK Northamptonshire which was established for the promotion of the relief of elderly people. It is accounted for as part of Age UK Northamptonshire.

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