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Age UK Northamptonshire is committed to being there for older people who need us, but we cannot do it without the generosity of individual people in our community.  By leaving a gift to us in your will you are investing in the future, ensuring we can support older people in Northamptonshire for years to come.

Every single gift is vital to Age UK Northamptonshire and we appreciate any gift you may choose to leave us after taking care of your family and friends. Whatever the value of your gift, it will go a long way to help someone who needs us.  Why not decide to leave 1% of your estate to Age UK Northamptonshire.

Please leave a legacy to help others.

How to leave a gift in your will

Having a will and keeping it up-to-date helps ensure that your wishes can be respected and your property and assets benefit people and causes you really care about.  We would always recommend that you speak to a qualified professional such as a solicitor, when making or amending your will.

Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the required wording to carry out your wishes. If you wish to leave a gift to Age UK Northamptonshire in your will, all you need is our charity details below:

Age UK Northamptonshire, 31 Billing Road, Northampton NN1 5DQ
and our registered charity number 1059995.

If you already have a will

If you already have a will and you want to include a gift to Age UK Northamptonshire in it, there may not be need to rewrite it. You can ask a qualified professional such as a solicitor to add an amendment (called a codicil). As a general rule, if the change you wish to make is quite small or simple, you can use a codicil, and if the change is more significant or complex you should make a new will.

What kind of gift can I leave to Age UK Northamptonshire?

You can leave a specific sum of money or an item such as jewellery or a piece of art. Or you can leave a share, such as 1% (or all of) what's left of the value of your estate after family and friends have been taken care of. The advantage of leaving a share (also known as residuary gift) is that it remains the same over time, and you won't need to change your will to keep up with inflation.

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