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National Grid PRS.

National Grid priority services register (PSR)

The PSR provides extra help and additional support during a power cut for elderly, very ill or disabled people, or those who rely on power for medical equipment.

All energy companies, including gas and electricity companies, and network suppliers who deliver the power, work together to care for customers who need some extra help and support.

Age UK Northamptonshire is offering a free service to older people in Northamptonshire - we can register you for the National Grid PSR.

This means you will get extra support during a power cut if you need it.  

The benefits of registering on the PSR are

  • National Grid will provide a dedicated and direct number you can call during a power cut to get straight through to them.
  • They will agree on a password with you before they visit, so you know you can trust the person at the door.
  • They will provide special help through trusted partners such as British Red Cross if you need it.
  • They will keep you up-to-date on any planned interruptions to your power supply.
  • They will stay in touch with you during an unplanned power cut, including advice on how long it will last.
  • National Grid are responsible for reconnecting you in the event of a power failure.

You will receive a free information pack in the post giving useful energy-saving tips. 

Please call Age UK Northamptonshire on 01604 631030 to register for free.

National Grid PRS.