Talk it over with us

This service is open to older people registered with GP surgeries in the East Northants, Kettering and Wellingborough areas.  It helps people stay independent and safe at home for longer.

An Age UK Northamptonshire member of staff can visit you at home to find out how we can help.  It is a chance to talk through any worries you may have and explain the different services available in your area, such as shopping, medication to be delivered, transport to medical appointments.

We can

  • fill in benefit forms
  • open letters for you
  • make telephone calls on your behalf if you wish.

We try to help you sort out matters which are causing you worry and can give advice or find out information for you

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from a bit of company or the chance to have a chat on a regular basis Age UK Northamptonshire can help you find a befriending service.

Please contact the Collaborative Care Team through your local doctor.

Further information