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We can help you after a stay in hospital

Practical and emotional help following a stay in hospital

Who is the service for?

People aged 55+ living with long-term health conditions, or recently home from hospital, focusing on older people who do not have other networks of support, such as family or friends nearby.  The service runs Monday to Friday throughout Northamptonshire for people registered with a GP in the county.

What does it offer?

We offer short-term practical and emotional support and carry out an initial telephone assessment.

We can support with

  • referrals to wellbeing services such as Community Occupational Therapy, Falls Services, Adult Social Care
  • information about our paid-for services such as cleaners, gardeners, handyperson and Care Support at Home
  • benefit checks
  • helping to build a person’s confidence by introducing them to local social activities and events
  • setting up ongoing prescription and groceries delivery

We aim to help people regain their independence within six weeks.  In the last financial year April 2022/ April 2023 this service had 1,824 referrals.

We do not provide personal care but will refer a client to Adult Social Care for a care assessment.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for this service.

How do I access the service?

Please contact us on 01604 611200.

Or send an email

To discuss a referral during office hours

Please call the co-ordinator:

NN1, NN4, NN7, NN12, NN13  Ann Gale 01604 213236
NN2, NN3, NN5, NN6, NN11  Judith Davies 01604 968881
Wellingborough and East Northants  Judith Warren 01604 213244
Corby and Kettering  Sham Vehra 01604 213287

Our team is based at the hospital in Wellingborough

Some of our team are based at the hospital in Wellingborough.

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Mr L's story

Mr L aged 86 years contacted Age UK Northamptonshire for a domestic service.

When we visited, during the conversation it became apparent that domestic help was not his only concern.  Mr L shared that his wife who he had cared for over 25 years had recently passed away and he was struggling to come to terms with her death.  Mr L had been her sole carer, supporting with personal care, shopping, cleaning, and cooking all their meals.  He was finding it difficult having little contact with anyone during the day.

Before retiring Mr L had been a driving instructor and had enjoyed speaking to people of all ages and interests.  His caring role had prevented him from socialising and joining any clubs.  We discussed Day Care and Telephone Befriending.

Mr L now has a cleaner, is pleased with this service and the bonus of seeing someone around the empty house!  He attends the Kettering Day Centre, has made new friends, enjoys the activities and meals. He has been matched with a telephone befriending volunteer who has similar interests in sport and TV dramas.

Prior to HD&CT service becoming involved Mr L had been feeling low and isolated. His neighbours on both sides were out at work all day and he went for days without speaking to anyone. He felt he no longer had a purpose and was lost without his wife. This was having an impact on his physical and mental health.  He had spoken to his GP on several occasions about feeling unwell and had also contacted 111.  He spent time brooding about his health and this resulted in him not bothering to eat regularly or care about his appearance.

He is now a different person, looks forwards to the day ahead and feels he has a purpose to his life.

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