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We can help you with money matters.

This service helps older people who are struggling with money matters.

What does the service offer?

  • Help with setting up direct debits, standing orders and other regular payments for bills so that the client can manage their own money and feel confident that they are on top of things
  • Cash collection - visiting the cashpoint machine, bank, Post Office or building society with the client's authority, to collect an amount of money that they have specified

Who is it for?

This service is for older people living in Northamptonshire and is particularly suited to people who perhaps have relied on a partner to handle money matters and now need to do it themselves.  Or it may be that illness or health problems mean an older person is less able to leave their home.

This is not a financial advocacy service or debt counselling service, although we will make telephone calls and write letters on a client's behalf where necessary.

  • We signpost clients to other agencies who are able to help
  • We help clients regain their independence in dealing with money matters.

Our charges

Costs will vary depending on the service provided.  Please contact Denise Anderson to discuss further.

We will visit to provide an initial assessment, for which there is a one-off charge This is because determining the state of someone's finances, if they have been neglected for a while, can be a lengthy process.  The assessment enables us to see how much support is likely to be needed and gives an idea of the cost involved.

How do I access the service?

Please call us on 01604 210649.

Use this link to our online form to refer yourself or someone else.

Fill in our Microsoft Form

Or send an email

  • How it works for Mr Green*

    Mr Green is in his late 70s and after suffering a heart attack he ended up spending nearly a year in respite care.  Mr Green had been living alone and had no family to help him manage his day to day finances whilst he was away from home.  Denise visited Mr Green in the care home to find out what help he needed.

    Denise was able to notify Mr Green's bank of his current circumstances and unblock the PIN for his bank card after going through the necessary security checks.  She was then able to withdraw cash for him on a regular basis so that he could pay for toiletries, buy some new pyjamas and top up his mobile phone whilst he was in respite care.  

    When Mr Green returned home Denise went through a year’s worth of post with him, opening letters, paying any outstanding bills and paying in cheques.  She set up direct debits to ensure his utility bills were paid and also restarted his TV package which had lapsed.  Mr Green has arranged for Denise to visit every six weeks to ensure he continues to keep up-to-date with his finances.

    *Not his real name but a real story

  • How it works for Mr Brown*

    87 year old Mr Brown’s health deteriorated after he had a serious fall and he now spends most of his time in bed, using a walking frame to move around indoors.  He relies on carers visiting four times a day to help him wash, dress and eat, but his finances were getting into a terrible muddle.  This was causing him great anguish as he had no friends or family he could trust to help him.

    Denise visited him at home and was able to gain his confidence, arranging to collect cash for him so that he could give it to his carers for groceries.  She also set up a shopping journal so the carers can log every purchase they make for him and also a cash tin in which to keep receipts.

    Mr Brown’s garden was badly overgrown and although he could afford to pay for it to be cleared, finding a reputable tradesman and arranging for the work to be done was too much for him.  Denise organised a clearance company from our Business & Trades Directory to clear the garden and Mr Brown now pays for a regular visit from an Age UK Northamptonshire gardener.  Denise noticed that Mr Brown was not claiming Attendance Allowance so she contacted our Information & Advice Service who helped him make a successful claim.  Mr Brown is now much happier and no longer at risk of self neglect.  Denise visits every two weeks to ensure he has the cash he needs to pay his living expenses and he has peace of mind knowing he is not falling behind with his utility bills. One of the most useful purchases Denise helped him make was a headtorch that he uses to read in bed with.

    *Not his real name but a real story

Supporting you to manage your finances

  • Appointeeship

    Jamie Christie.

    Jamie Christie provides the Appointeeship service.  Jamie previously worked as a lawyer managing the property and financial affairs of older people and other vulnerable people.  For his work in this area he won the Junior Lawyer of the year Award at the 2021 Northamptonshire Law Society Awards and was shortlisted in 2017 and 2019

  • Money Management Support

    Denise Anderson.

    Denise Anderson provides the Money Management Support service.  Denise has over 30 years experience of working in banking and fraud prevention and investigation.  Denise works closely with Trading Standards and the Police to resolve financial matters for clients.

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