Borroclub – lend out your household items and raise money for Age UK Solihull.

If you are like many other people who have items around the house that you have paid a decent amount for, but have only used a few times, you might want to lend it out to others locally via Borroclub.

Borroclub is an online sharing platform enabling local communities to share items that they have in their home, it could be anything from DIY, fashion, leisure to garden equipment.  Through this service you can:

1.    Make money for yourself or Age UK Solihull from your idle items.
2.    Save money by borrowing instead of buying.
3.    Connect with your community.
4.    Help the environmental through re-use.

If you want to your earnings from this service to go to Age UK Solihull then please enter this unique code AGEUKSOL at registration and Borroclub will pay that money straight to Age UK Solihull to help with their services for older people. 

Start loading you items on BORROCLUB

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