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Flower Festival at St Johns Caterham

Published on 18 September 2020 06:17 PM

Our Caterham Help at Home Team are taking part in the Flower Festival from 18th – 20th September at St John's Church, Caterham.  The Flower Festival is organised by Heritage Open Days.

The theme is “Hidden Nature” and the flower arrangement was created by staff reflects some of the work done by the Home Helps for our clients.  Look closely and can definitely spot cleaning and household items in the display.  

Such a talented team; a poem was also composed for the occasion. 

Hidden Nature - a poem

When someone mentions “Nature” 
What comes into your mind? 
Do you think about the benefits 
It brings to all mankind? 

The tiny seed that’s in the ground 
holds such amazing power 
Just add a little sun and rain 
And this creates the flower 

The humble little earthworm 
Unseen beneath our feet 
Is working to aerate the soil 
Which grows the crops we eat 

It isn’t always obvious 
But Nature’s always there 
It’s up to us to cherish it 
It’s up to us to care 

So, turn the television off 
And put away your book 
Go out into the fresh air  
And take the time to look