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Online and Telephone Scams

Published on 20 November 2020 03:13 PM

The Guildford Joint Committee is hosting a public engagement session on Wednesday 25th November and the topic will be ‘online and telephone frauds and scams’. Age UK Surrey has been invited to take part  as the feeling is that it is often the elderly who fall victim to scammers

A senior officer from Trading Standards will give a presentation, and residents will be able to ask questions and post comments through the joint committee’s Facebook page, which will be used to stream the event live.

For the meeting itself, there will be a small panel led by Cllr John Rigg (chairman of the joint committee) and including Borough and County officers and members, plus a rep from the police. 

This session is not a committee meeting and the tone for this event is one that is informal and conversational in order to attract a wide range of people to participate. In addition, as the topic is not one specific to Guildford, the event will be advertised across all 11 local and joint committees so that residents right across the county can listen in and ask their questions.

The Trading Standards officer’s presentation will take up a large portion of the session and panellists will be there to help respond to questions and comments from the public, as well as ask any questions they may have themselves.

Save the Date: Wednesday 25th November, 6pm – 7pm
Taking place on Zoom, with a live feed to Facebook.