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Spotting TV Licence Scams

Published on 07 August 2020 02:59 PM

With the BBC announcing they are scrapping free TV licences, there may be an opportunity for scammers.

As of this week TV Licensing have started sending letters to anyone aged over 75 asking them to either pay for their TV licence or apply for a free one. The letter TV Licensing sends will include your licence number, your title and your last name and they will only ask you to pay using the following options:

If you are contacted and asked to pay for your TV licence using a different phone number, a different website or by posting your details to a different address, this is a scam. 

TV Licensing will not come to your doorstep to collect the licence fee if you are over 75, so anyone who claims to do so is also a scammer.

If you’re unsure about anything, you can call TV Licensing on 0300 303 9695 to speak with someone who can help.

If you entered your details in response to a TV Licence scam? Report it to Action Fraud or call them on 0300 123 2040. If you provided your bank account details, talk to your bank immediately.

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