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Hear from our volunteers about their experiences at Age UK Bristol:

Jenny (Current Volunteer with Information and Advice Service):
“I was impressed by the rigorous selection process and the thorough training for volunteers but most of all by the care and commitment given to service users. At Age UK Bristol clients are treated with respect, warmth and honesty. This philosophy is also applied to volunteers. Our views and suggestions are valued and we are well directed and supported”

Howard (Current Volunteer with New Beginnings Day Centre):
"Having been employed in Children's Services for most of my working life; now that I've retired, I volunteer with New Beginnings Day Service and I feel it's like a 'Seniors Youth Club'! It's brilliant fun. Where else would you see older people Maypole Dancing or Orienteering around the garden … honestly!"

Barbara (Current Volunteer at the Healthy Together Clinic):
"The main reason I volunteer is because I enjoy coming in each week and helping out where I can. It's rewarding to work with new people and they really appreciate it too. I also want to give something back to the community and feel like I have that opportunity here"

Pat (Current Volunteer with Information and Advice Service):
“I have been a volunteer with Age UK for 7 years and have thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I have met a variety of interesting people, both clients, Age UK staff and other volunteers and have made new friends. It is good to have a commitment and some structure in what otherwise could become a week when each day is the same. On the day I volunteer for AUK it feels like I am going to work again!”

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