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Welcome to Age Cymru Powys

We are your local independent charity providing information, advice and support for older people in Powys for many years (formerly Age Concern Powys). Each year we help around 2,000 older Powys residents with over 3,000 issues. One of them could be you, a friend or a relative. We want everyone to be able to love later life.

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South Powys: 01597 825908 or North Powys: 01686 623707 South Powys: 01597 825908 or North Powys: 01686 623707

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Last year we secured over £1 million of unclaimed benefits payments for older Powys residents!

Benefits advice is a much-needed service to help prevent older people in Powys living in poverty. We rely on grants, donations and legacies to enable us to keep this service running. Please help us to keep this service free of charge by donating.

We want your opinion!

We would very much welcome your feedback and comments about our service. Each year we have to apply for funding to be able to deliver services and it's important that we are delivering services based on what you might need. Please could I ask you to spare a few moments to complete this survey. 

The information you provide will remain confidential; we use this information to help us improve our services.  Please do contact us for help if you are unsure about any of the questions or how to answer them.

Every year we help people like you to get the help they need.  This year we have seen an unprecedented amount of older people needing help especially over the last 2 years during the pandemic. We rely on volunteers and a small team of staff to help deliver all our services to the people of Powys. We are funded by lots of small grants and donations to do all we do. 

If you need us for advice, information, or if you have any queries about this survey, then please do get in touch, we are here to help.

Thank you for your time, it is very much appreciated.
Gail Colbridge 
Chief Officer
Age Cymru Powys 

Please visit SurveyMonkey via the link below to complete the survey:

Our services for you

Expert advice

We offer you free, confidential and expert advice through our information service. If you need to know about social care, housing, scams or legal issues, we are here to help.


Keeping mobile is really important and cutting your toenails can be hard to manage. We offer a toenail cutting service across Powys.

Benefit checks

Age Cymru Powys offers a free, confidential benefit check to make sure you are receving everything you are entitled to.

How you can help

Powys Community Helper Volunteers URGENTLY Needed!

Covid restrictions have ended, but heartbreakingly, many older people have lost their confidence in going out and are still stuck inside.

Do you live in Powys? Could you spare only 1 hour per week / month to help a local older person get back outside?

Then you could change an older person’s life – by helping them to reconnect with the outside world!

We urgently need help to support lonely and isolated older people in Powys to bounce back from these challenging times.

We will support you to visit / meet up with an older person with the times convenient for you.

This is a very rewarding thing to do – knowing you’ve helped someone is incredibly satisfying and will make you, and the older person you help, very happy!

Support to reconnect with community may seem like a simple thing, but it can make a world of difference to older people.

Opportunities across Powys include:

  • Popping in for tea and a natter
  • Support to get out and about
  • Visiting local social groups together
  • Help to enjoy the internet
  • Sharing interests, hobbies & skills
  • Enjoying life together

Age UK has published a new report about the appalling impact of the pandemic on millions of older people aged 60+ in the UK. Our research found that earlier this year, immobility, deconditioning, loneliness, and an inability to grieve as normal, were leaving deep physical and emotional scars on a significant proportion of our older population.

Lockdowns, social distancing, loss of routines and support, and limited access to health services, mean millions of older people saw their physical and mental health decline. For some, catching COVID-19 made things even worse.  In February 2021: 

  • 18% (around 2.9 million) felt less confident leaving the house by themselves. 
  • 9% (around 1.4 million) of older people who had previously been able to walk short distances were now finding it difficult.
  • 12% (around 1.9 million) felt they were less independent.
  • 36% (around 5.8 million) said they feel more anxious. 
  • 43% of older people (around 6.9 million) said they were feeling less motivated to do the things they enjoy.

It may take many older people more time to rebuild their confidence and capacity – and we can all play our part.

Our Powys Community Helper Volunteers are supporting older people to enjoy local community life.

Could you support an isolated older person to reconnect?

You don’t need any special experience to volunteer, you just need to be kind and caring, and to enjoy sharing time with someone with similar interests to you.

You can be assured of our super-friendly support, paid expenses and volunteering times that are flexible for you.

We would love to hear from you – and so would the many older people across Powys who have asked us for a Community Helper.

You will be making a fantastic positive difference to an older person’s quality of life.

Our volunteers love the opportunity to do something wonderful for older people, that helps them get out, socialise and enjoy life again.

Come and join our super-friendly teams – it's quick and easy to register your interest – please give us a call for a friendly chat, or email to find out more:


Age Cymru Powys
Call: 01686 623707

Check in & Chat Telephone Befriending Volunteers Urgently Needed!

Would you like to be a Telephone Befriender for older people in Powys?

Telephone support once a week may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference to older people’s lives.
This is a very rewarding thing to do – knowing you’ve helped someone is incredibly satisfying and will make both you, and the older person you help, very happy!
You can volunteer from as little as 30 minutes per week. We offer online training which is easy, fun and quick.
We provide you with a mobile app to call clients.
You can be assured of our super-friendly support, great team-work and paid expenses – and the chance to have a good natter with our lovely clients!
Call 01597 825908 / 01686 623707 or email for more info.

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