As a nation, we're living longer.

It's in our interest to create an age friendly Wales today.

What does an 'age friendly Wales' look like? In an age friendly Wales, older people would not experience barriers to independent living. They will enjoy good health; live safely; will be free from discrimination; and will remain actively engaged within their community.

By developing communities, advocacy and policy changes, we all stand to gain from empowering older people.

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Help us create an age friendly Wales today.

  • Health care

    Supporting older people in Wales to treat and manage health conditions through effective health care services.

  • Equality

    Giving older people in Wales an opportunity to enjoy later life and to get involved in community decision making, without being a victim of ageism.

  • Social care

    Community and residential care services across Wales support older people to maximise quality of life.

  • Community

    All older people in Wales are respected, socially included and safe.