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Welcome to Age Cymru Powys

We are your local independent charity providing information, advice and support for older people in Powys for many years (formerly Age Concern Powys). Each year we help around 2,000 older Powys residents with over 3,000 issues. One of them could be you, a friend or a relative. We want everyone to be able to love later life.

Powys COVID-19 Outdoor Volunteers URGENTLY Needed!

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Could you support a local older person who has been isolated to get back outside?

Only 30mins to 1 hour – once a week – or month – is required!

Many older people are just in need of a friend to help reconnect and go outside again after being alone in lockdown for so long.

Support to get outside may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference to older people’s lives.

Spending a little time being active with someone who could do with some company is so rewarding and will make you, and the older person you help, very happy!

Opportunities across Powys include: 

  • Walking buddies
  • Having a chat outdoors
  • Dog walking
  • Light gardening
  • Sharing skills in the open air together

Last year even before COVID-19 over 100,000 people across Wales told us they were lonely, many only spoke to 1 or 2 people a week and used their TV as their main source for company. This has always been a concern to us as no-one should feel lonely.

But we know that with COVID-19 and the fact that many have been shielding, many older people are even more lonely and isolated than ever before.

Now Spring has sprung we have a waiting list of older people who just need a little support to get back outdoors after such a long winter lockdown.

So if you enjoy being outdoors, are passionate about helping others and kind and caring then please contact us urgently!

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Call Age Cymru Powys

South Powys: 01597 825908 or North Powys: 01686 623707 South Powys: 01597 825908 or North Powys: 01686 623707

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Last year we secured over £1 million of unclaimed benefits payments for older Powys residents!

Benefits advice is a much-needed service to help prevent older people in Powys living in poverty. We rely on grants, donations and legacies to enable us to keep this service running. Please help us to keep this service free of charge by donating.

Coronavirus Outbreak: Safe & Well Checks for Older People in Powys 

During these difficult and unprecedented times, Age Cymru Powys remains committed to providing the best support to older people in Powys.

If you are worried about how you or someone else will manage during the coronavirus crisis, we are here to help. Please contact us on 01597 825908 / 01686 623707.

We have all been advised to take measures to help protect ourselves from the Coronavirus. This is particularly important for people over 70 and those with underlying health conditions because they are at higher risk of developing more severe symptoms if they become infected.

We have taken the decision to focus our delivery at the moment to deliver Safe & Well Checks for older people across Powys over the telephone with our team. We will be providing guidance and support, advising on how to put plans in place so that you can remain safe during this difficult time.

Through these Safe & Well Checks we are also gathering information to develop our support based on the needs and issues faced by local older people. Like issues with getting shopping, collecting prescriptions and managing caring responsibilities, loneliness and isolation. In addition to this we are working with local communities and groups and other organisations to help you with these issues to provide help and advice on accessing support that you may require. Call us on 01597 825908 / 01686 623707 or email: to arrange a Safe & Well Check or for more information.

Coronavirus Updates

For the latest information on Coronavirus please visit:

Age Cymru Powys Simply Nails Service

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we had to temporarily suspend our Simply Nails service - but we are now operating again and accepting new clients.

Age Cymru Powys takes the health and well-being of our clients, staff and volunteers very seriously and we always work hard to ensure that everyone remains safe and well. We are carefully following NHS and Government guidelines on how best to respond to the outbreak.


Age Cymru Powys Advice Line

We provide a free, confidential phone service for local older people, their families, friends, carers and professionals. Our team will give you information that is reliable and up-to-date and help you to access the advice you need.



01597 825908 / 01686 623707
Monday – Friday
9am – 12noon



0300 303 44 98
Monday – Friday
9am – 4pm



0800 678 1602
Lines are open 365 days a year
8am – 7pm



Our services for you

Expert advice

We offer you free, confidential and expert advice through our information service. If you need to know about social care, housing, scams or legal issues, we are here to help.


Keeping mobile is really important and cutting your toenails can be hard to manage. We offer a toenail cutting service across Powys.

Benefit checks

Age Cymru Powys offers a free, confidential benefit check to make sure you are receving everything you are entitled to.

How you can help

Check in & Chat Telephone Befriending Volunteers Urgently Needed!

Would you like to be a Telephone Befriender for older people in Powys?

Telephone support once a week may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference to older people’s lives.
This is a very rewarding thing to do – knowing you’ve helped someone is incredibly satisfying and will make both you, and the older person you help, very happy!
You can volunteer from as little as 30 minutes per week. We offer online training which is easy, fun and quick.
We provide you with a mobile app to call clients.
You can be assured of our super-friendly support, great team-work and paid expenses – and the chance to have a good natter with our lovely clients!
Call 01597 825908 / 01686 623707 or email for more info.

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