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Back in the shop for a day

Published on 05 July 2019 01:18 PM

Ruby with her "colleagues" at the St Giles Street shop

Ruby used to volunteer in a charity shop and wanted to spend some time doing it again.

After retiring some time ago, Ruby now lives in a care home.  She has a bucket list of things she really wanted to do and one of them was "Spend some time in a charity shop doing what she used to love".  Manager Yvette Prior and Assistant Manager Marion Wilson of our St Giles Street charity shop were delighted to invite Ruby and her carer Keri Gulleto to spend the morning with them.  

Ruby had a fabulous time marking up clothes for our sale basket and hanging up clothes on the rails.  She then spent some time on the shop floor serving customers. Ruby says she really enjoyed the morning and she showed she hadn’t forgotten how to use the till.  She also enjoyed a friendly chat with customers.

Ruby serves customer James

Ruby's experience shows that there's more to volunteering in a charity shop than selling clothes.  People feel part of a team and know that their time and skills are making a difference in their local community.  If you can spare a regular morning or afternoon, or maybe more, every week please get in touch.  We'd love to hear from you.