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Sara Boon has worked for us for nearly 20 years.

Working part-time in her local area suits Sara and she would recommend being a Domestic Care Worker to anyone who wants to make a positive difference in their community.

Sara took voluntary redundancy from a management role at a bank.  After a few months she decided she’d like a part-time job, something local, and responded to an advert in the Post Office. 

She says that getting to know her clients and their families makes the work hugely enjoyable.  Knowing that she is making a positive difference every time she visits gives her job satisfaction.

“Several of my clients hardly leave their homes and sometimes I am the only visitor they see that week.  They tell me they like it when I come as it keeps them in touch with the outside world,” says Sara.

Many people find they lose their confidence as they get older and things that they took for granted when they were younger can feel beyond them.  Just knowing that a caring, friendly person will be visiting can make daily life less of a worry.  Sara is happy to change the kitchen roll in the dispenser or post a letter, for example.  She often picks up a loaf of bread or pint of milk for a client if they tell her have run out.

Sara says one of her clients is in his nineties and takes great pride in his appearance,  still enjoying regular day trips using public transport.  But as he cannot stand for long periods and tires easily she does his ironing for him, as well as the housework.  This means he can carry on dressing smartly.  Sara says she always asks her clients what tasks they would like her to do and how they would like her to do it. “It’s important that people feel able to tell me if they’d like something done differently,” says Sara.

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  • Our Home Care Cleaning Service makes a huge difference to older people living independently in Northamptonshire.  You can help our clients look after their home by cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and carrying out domestic tasks that keep the home safe and comfortable.  No personal care is involved, just a willingness to do a good job and provide a reliable service.

"I have worked for Age UK Northamptonshire (previously Age Concern Northamptonshire) as a Domestic Care Worker since April 2000, having previously worked for a bank for over 20 years.

Over the years I have met some truly lovely people as a Domestic Care Worker. Some we only go to for a short time as they are reaching the end of their lives, or they go into care, but far more people become long-term clients (my longest at present is 15 years) and we build up a really good relationship with them and quite often their families too.

I’m sure my domestic care colleagues will agree that our clients see us as far more than their cleaner, especially those who are housebound. We are often one of the only people they will see each week, especially if their families don’t live locally."