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Age UK Northamptonshire Business and Trades Directory

  • Location: Age UK Northamptonshire
  • Price: Costs may vary
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We do not make a charge for supplying details of contractors but all work carried out by the businesses listed must be paid to them in the normal way.

Please note, if you reside outside this Age UK’s catchment area, the price for this service is £0.00.

Age UK Northamptonshire
The William and Patricia Venton Centre
York Road
United Kingdom

Use our directory to find local, reputable businesses that have been vetted by us.

More details

We have selected traders who are able to work to a good standard at a reasonable cost, whilst being courteous to clients at all times. Traders are asked to encourage clients to be security conscious by making sure they check identity badges.

How do I access the service?

Please contact a local plumber, electrician or builder or other business from the lists below. There is no age limit; all the traders welcome your business. Find a trader that covers your part of Northamptonshire.

You can also call Jo Bird on 01604 213086

North - browse our list of reputable contractors covering Corby and Kettering and surrounding areas.


Central - browse our list of reputable contractors covering Northampton and Wellingborough


South - browse our list of reputable contractors covering Daventry, Towcester, Brackley and south of Northampton and the surrounding areas.


Interested in becoming a trusted trader?

We are always looking to expand our list of reliable, local companies. Help new customers find you by advertising on our website. Call Jo Bird on 01604 213086 to find out more.