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We can keep your garden tidy

updated 16/7/21

Tel 01604 611200 or 07824 321857

Our reliable gardeners can help you look after your garden

We can cut your grass and tidy the edges, weed flowerbeds and driveways, fill plant tubs and restock flowerbeds.  Our gardeners can also trim shrubs and hedges, revarnish or paint garden furniture, fences and sheds. We can even restock the bird feeders so they don't get forgotten.  We will help you keep your garden how you like it.

We are following social distancing and other measures to keep our clients and staff safe.

Gardeners in most areas of Northamptonshire

Summer is always the busiest time of year for our gardening service so please bear with us, as it may take a while for us to arrange a gardener for you.

We have gardeners in most areas of the county who can help.  We aim to provide general maintenance, doing the work in the garden that suits you.  Our gardeners can help with mowing, weeding and pruning.  For larger jobs and landscaping work you may find it helpful to contact a gardener on our Business Directory.

Special arrangements during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Please call us to discuss what arrangements willl suit you best.
  • If our gardeners need access to an electric socket they will use one that is outside the client's property. If this is not possible they can use a socket in the property if it is near an outside door, having first discussed how to do this safely with the client before visiting.
  • Our gardeners will follow social distancing guidance and use gloves and hand sanitiser as needed.

Who is it for?

People aged 60 and over living in Northamptonshire.

How much does it cost?

  • We charge £21 per hour, with a minimum charge of £10.50 for a 30 minute visit.
  • Payment is made by invoice
  • For larger jobs we can provide a free written quotation without obligation.

Our workforce is made up of paid staff and we cover the whole of Northamptonshire

Call Jo Gunnett on 01604 611200 or 07824 321857

Feedback from a client's son

The son of a client who lives in Northampton called to say: "Super-impressed with Ralph, lovely guy.  Mum always talks much more when he’s been." 

Our gardeners don't just look after the garden.  They care about their clients and try to provide the service that suits the particular person.  Not everyone wants to chat, but being visited by a friendly person who will pay attention to your welfare can make a huge difference to an older person's wellbeing.

We are recruiting gardeners

Do you like gardening and working flexible hours outdoors? We are recruiting Gardeners to work throughout Northamptonshire.

Client feedback

“Really impressed with Mick. Everything was weeded by hand, he removed every trace of weeds and there’s none left. He made a really good job of it and I’m really pleased. An excellent worker.”

RL, Duston

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