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Our gardeners can help you keep the garden how you like it

Please get in touch if you need help looking after your garden in Northamptonshire.  

Call us on 01604 210587

We provide a general maintenance service

Our gardeners will cut the grass and tidy the edges.  They will clear leaves and weeds from flowerbeds and driveways.  We mainly concentrate on the heavier jobs such as cutting back shrubs and hedges but will also restock the bird feeders, plant winter pansies or water your tomato seedlings if that is what you'd prefer.  We aim to help you keep your garden how you like it.

Gardeners in most areas of Northamptonshire

We have gardeners in most areas of the county and will do our best to find someone in your area.  We aim to provide general maintenance, doing the work in the garden that suits you.  For larger jobs and landscaping work you may find it helpful to contact a gardener on our Business and Trades Directory.

Our friendly, reliable Gardeners are fully insured and DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked and have provided references, which we have checked.  

Who is it for?

People aged 60 and over living in Northamptonshire.

Our gardeners are a familiar visitor who can be trusted to have the welfare of their clients at heart.  Keeping the front garden tidy, for example, can help deter doorstep crime.

How much does it cost?

  • We charge £24 per hour
  • Payment is made by invoice
  • For larger jobs we can provide a free written quotation without obligation.

Call us on 01604 210587

Sally says

"Jamie my gardener visits every three weeks or so to keep the weeds under control.  Now that we've got on top of things it doesn't need a lot of work to keep the gravel area tidy.

"It's just nice to know I've got somebody reliable to do it for me."

Our gardeners take the worry out of looking after the garden

  • The garden before we visited in July

    The garden before we visited.

  • The garden after work was done.

    The garden after we carried out work.

Gardener Jeff says

"I'm no Monty Don but I know what tidy looks like." 

Jeff enjoys getting to know his clients and keeping their garden just how they like it.  He can do the heavier work such as grass cutting and trimming back hedges and overgrown shrubs. 

Looking for landscaping or fencing contractors?

If you're looking for something more than a garden maintenance service why not have a look at our Business and Trades Directory. We do not charge you for using the Directory.