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Have fun and raise funds while keeping yourself and others safe!

During coronavirus restrictions, we had to cancel several fundraising events and close our shops, meaning we lost out of thousands of pounds. We came up with some ways you can still raise funds to help us continue with our important work in Solihull, while adhering to social distancing. Although restrictions have now lifted and life is back to "normal", not everyone feels comfortable attending events or taking part in group challenges. Have a look through our ideas below and see if you'd like to give one a go.

Virtual fundraising ideas

  • Jog on!

    Run or walk around your local area, in your garden or around your living room. Set yourself a target (one fundraiser ran the distance from Lands End to John O’Groats in his garden) and ask people to sponsor you. You could even team up with people and complete a virtual relay, where at least one member of the team is running or walking at all times for 24 hours.

  • Are you game?

    Challenge some friends to a virtual games tournament. You could play video games against each other or record yourselves trying to do the most keepie uppies, shoot the most basketball hoops, do the most sit ups, or skip or hula hoop for the longest. Donate to take part and ask others to sponsor you.

  • Donate your commute

    If you are working from home, could you donate what you would have spent on commuting to and from work over a week or month? Or how about the price of your daily coffee? These expenses soon add up, and could make a huge difference to local older people.

  • On yer bike!

    Explore your local area on two wheels and ask people to sponsor you. Set yourself a challenge, with a route to suit you. You don't even have to ride a bike - how about completing the route on a unicycle, skateboard, wheelchair, or any other self-propelled wheeled transport?

  • Dress up!

    Get the kids and adults alike to don their best fancy dress. Or ask your coworkers to wear their smartest attire while working from home. Ask everyone to make a small donation to take part.

  • Brave the shave!

    Why not take the plunge and get a buzz cut? Book an appointment at a local hairdresser or barbers, or do it yourself at home. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you to brave the shave.

  • Dance off!

    Create a playlist and invite your friends for a virtual disco over video chat. Have a competitive dance off, or just enjoy a friendly boogie together. Donate to join in.

  • Cook up a storm!

    Enjoy a dinner party or a cheese and wine evening with friends. Depending on what you feel comfortable with you could get together outside, have an inside gathering, or enjoy a virtual get-together over a video call. Ask everyone to donate the price of a meal out.

  • Movie Night

    Create a Netflix party and ask people to donate the cost of a cinema ticket to join in.

    Turn the lights down and grab some popcorn for the full cinema experience!

  • Give it up!

    Is there something you thought you could never live without? Challenge yourself to give up your vice for a week, a month or even longer, and ask people to sponsor you. Don't forget to share your progress along the way!

  • Drinks are on you!

    If you're staying in tonight instead of going out for drinks, how about donating the cost of a round to us?

  • Donate your birthday!

    If you've got a birthday or other special occasion coming up, you could ask your friends and family to make a donation in your honour. They can donate here or you can create a Facebook birthday fundraiser below.

Declutter and Donate

#DeclutterAndDonate to support our work with your unwanted items. 

Virgin Money Giving have partnered with trade-in site Ziffit, so you can donate the value of old books, games, CDs and DVDs straight to Age UK Solihull. 

Simpy download the Ziffit app, scan the barcodes of your items, and click 'Complete trade' when you're done. When selecting your payment method, click 'Donation' and search for Age UK Solihull. You will then need to pack up your items and send them off using Ziffit's free courier or drop-off service, and the value of your items will be donated straight to our Virgin Money Giving page. 

If you are not able to download the app, you can head to our unique Ziffit link, but you will need to manually enter the items' barcodes.

Declutter and donate to Age UK Solihull via the Ziffit app

More about Ziffit

Get sponsored

If you'd like to take part in one of the activities above, or another challenge of your own, you can raise money for Age UK Solihull by asking people to sponsor you.

You can:

Set up an online sponsorship page

Create a Facebook fundraiser

Download a sponsorship form for offline donations

Donate directly to our Just Giving page

Make sure you tell us about your fundraising so we can share your journey!

The Big Knit

Get your needles at the ready for the next Big Knit campaign! Click below for details and deadlines.

More details

Need more ideas?

Download our Fundraising Pack for plenty more ideas. From cake sales to dinner parties, you are sure to find one to suit you.

Why support Age UK Solihull?

We are a local charity that provides advice, practical support and companionship to over 10,000 older people in Solihull each year.

As little as £5 could pay for a volunteer Befriender, like Brenda, to visit an older person like Josie.

Josie lives alone, and looks forward to Brenda's visit each week. She says, "We talk and discuss daily life. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a bit of socialization. It's the feel good having someone to talk with."


Read about our supporters who have fundraised for us in the past.

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