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Join us to knit little hats for innocent smoothie bottles and help raise money to support older people in Solihull!

The Big Knit 2021/22

The Big Knit 2021/22 campaign has now finished, and thanks to our fabulous knitters, we exceeded our target of 13,000 hats!

Our final total was 13,462 hats meaning a total of £3,365.50 was raised!

Hats from this campaign will be on bottles in shops from 23 January until 5 March 2023 (or while stocks last if they sell out before then).

Illustration by Meghan Allbright

Did you know two fifths of older people say the TV is their only friend? Loneliness can be a big problem in later life. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, as many as 200,000 older people said they hadn’t spoken to friends or family for over a month.

The Big Knit is a partnership with innocent drinks which started in 2003.

Hats knitted for Age UK Solihull help us make a big difference to the lives of older people in Solihull. Each hat that you send to us raises 25p, and the money raised can help us ensure older people are warm and well during the winter months, and help us decrease loneliness with our Linking People Together service. Your hats will then be put on top of Innocent smoothie bottles to be sold in the shops.

The Big Knit can also bring people together to knit and have a chat with one another.

If you’ve ever bought a smoothie or knitted a hat, thank you for being part of the Big Knit.

Hat target

Thanks to the support from our fabulous knitters, we exceeded not only our original target of 8,000 hats, but also our second target of 13,000 hats! We are thrilled that our final total was 13,462 hats.

We receive 25p per hat meaning a total of £3,365.50 was raised!


The deadline for the 2021/22 campaign has already passed and hats will be on bottles in shops from January - March 2023.

We’ll let you know when the next campaign kicks off.

Please hold on to your hats for now, and we’ll let you know when we’re able to receive hats again.

Want to know more?

Contact our Fundraising Team on 0121 704 7842 (leave a message) or email

If your query relates to Winter Warmth contact 0121 704 8080.