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Social Care Listening Event

Published on 19 February 2018 05:57 PM

Sue Zirp with Jeremy Hunt

The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, hears from older constituents in South West Surrey about their experiences of being on the frontline of care

On Friday 12 January, The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP heard from older constituents and their carers in South West Surrey about their own personal experiences of social care, and how they feel a sustainable care system could be built.

The event, organised by Age UK Surrey comes ahead of the government’s plans to publish a green paper on care and support for older people by summer 2018 and forms part of a wider programme of events organised by Age UK nationally.

By having the opportunity to learn from older constituents’ about their own experiences of care, and some of the particular issues they face, the event was welcomed by the local MP as a valuable chance to hear more from people themselves about the reality of social care.

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP for South West Surrey said: “I was very pleased to attend the event and hear the thoughts of constituents, volunteers and Age UK Surrey employees. A strong social care system is absolutely vital for both the NHS and society as a whole – and making reforms that sort out both funding and the quality issues is the litmus test of whether we are really serious about looking after older people with dignity and respect”.

Sue Zirps, Chief Executive, Age UK Surrey said:  We are really grateful to our clients and volunteers who came to the event in Godalming to share their own experiences of social care and the challenges they face when it comes to getting quality and affordable social care.  Innovative ideas were also shared for solutions which is why events like this are so important.”

Caroline Abrahams, Age UK’s Charity Director said about the event: “It’s always incredibly valuable hearing directly from older people about the social care challenges they face and equally their thoughts about solutions.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Government to ensure that older people’s views and experiences really do inform new social care policy.

“Not only is this the right thing to do in principle, it also makes it much more likely the proposals the Government ultimately produces for strengthening social care make a real difference.”

The event is part of the charity’s work to ensure that the voices of older people are heard as the Government prepares to set out its plans to improve the provision of social care and put it on a sustainable financial footing for the future.