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Blog entries posted during June 2017

  1. The I&A Life

    01 June 2017

    Information & Advice (I&A) is one of our core services, and is often the first port of call for people seeking help from Age UK Sutton. The I&A office is always teeming with life, so we went behind the scenes with our I&A Manager Michelle Blagrove, who gives us the low-down on a typical day in the life of I&A 8.45AM  I arrive at work. It’s the witching hour for I&A - the calm before the storm, which means I’ve got enough time to make a fortifying cuppa before the day officially begins  9.00AM...

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    Comments:  48
  2. On Being Knit-Wits

    02 June 2017

    Hello! It's good to be back on the Age UK Sutton blog, after an incredible few months since joining as CEO.  You might have noticed we’ve gone a bit knitting mad recently, and today, I’m going to explain ourselves. We’re not really Knit-Wits - it’s all part of our current fundraising campaign, the Age UK Sutton Big Knit . Part of my role here is to oversee the way we work with the national Age UK charity that you will be familiar with (among other things they deliver some services in areas...

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    Comments:  78
  3. #SmallCharityLife

    21 June 2017

    I hope you are enjoying the new Age UK Sutton blog, and it's giving you some insight into the work we do and the people who make it possible. This week is Small Charity Week . I have loved being here at Age UK Sutton for the last few months, getting to know our community, our clients, and our partners.  It's been great being part of such a vibrant community here in the London Borough of Sutton. In my career, I've had the opportunity to work in large national and international charities as wel...

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    Comments:  122
  4. All about Advocacy

    26 June 2017

    Hi everyone. I’m Clem Richards, and I manage our advocacy service here at Age UK Sutton. I’ve been invited to write a post about advocacy, what we do and how we help people in Sutton. What is advocacy? In a nutshell, advocacy is about empowerment and communication. It’s about supporting people who - for whatever reason - find themselves in a situation where they need a bit of extra support to be heard. Our advocacy service supports people to have their say, helping them to access the knowledg...

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    Comments:  38