We can help you enjoy living independently

If you are over 60 and live in the borough of Milton Keynes we can provide the support that will enable you to carry on living independently in your own home.  We will try to provide the service that best suits you.

Tel  01908 557874

Our charges

  • We charge £15 an hour.
  • There is a one-off £15 registration fee at the first assessment visit.

Cleaning and housework

Some people pay for several visits a week that enable us to vacuum clean all rooms, clean the kitchen and bathroom and do some ironing.  Other people prefer a visit once a fortnight that helps them keep on top of the housework.


We can take you to the local shops or to a large supermarket to do your shopping.  Or we can do your shopping for you. For our standard charge of £15.00 an hour we will try to cover most errands, activities and visits that older people need to do in their daily life.

Appointments and visits

We can take you to an appointment with the doctor or hospital and stay with you during the visit, if you wish.  We can also take you to visit friends or enable you to attend an event.

We try to be flexible

The aim of this service is to enable older people living in the borough of Milton Keynes to enjoy later life and live as independently as they wish.  We will do our best to meet your individual need and to support you in your own home so that you can be as independent as you wish.

All services will be assessed for safety on an individual basis.

More intensive cleaning

If you would like us to give your home a spring clean or if it needs a more intensive clean we can do this.  It will be assessed on an individual basis and a price agreed, as two members of our team may be needed.

Please ring us on 01908 557874 to see how we can help.

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