A quieter environment

We run a smaller group upstairs at the Venton Centre for people who need a quieter, more supported environment because of dementia.

This service is open to everyone, whether they live at home with their partner, on their own or in sheltered housing.  We can also discuss possible places for people living in residential care.  The aim of the session is to give people the opportunity to take part in enjoyable activities that are tailored to their needs and also to enjoy being in company.

Some people come every weekday, others come just once a week.  Our clients all have different needs but we take the same good care of them, ensuring they get the best out of their time at the Venton Centre.

  • Looking at books of photographs together to stimulate recollection and conversation
  • Playing skittles or other games with soft equipment
  • Singing or listening to music
  • Taking the opportunity to have a bath or haircut at The Venton Centre

Clients in the Forget-Me-Not often join in events taking place in the larger dining room at the Venton Centre, such as carol singing or when an entertainer is visiting, but we are careful to ensure they are not overwhelmed. 

The cost is the same as at all our Wellbeing Centres, between £36 and £45, depending on an assessment of a person's needs and if they require additional support. 

Come for a "taster day"

Why not join us for a day to see whether our wellbeing centre suits you or a member of your family.  Meet our friendly staff and have a chat to the other clients at the centre.

Please call our Service Advice Team on 0845 677 2220 to find out more (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 12.00pm).

Further information