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I woke up on the floor in a panic, bleeding.

Earlier that night, I felt dizzy on my way to the bathroom and the next thing I remember was slowly coming to on the floor, not really knowing where I was or how I’d got there. I crawled to the bedroom, found my phone and got my daughter.

I was four nights in the hospital and remember looking in the mirror at one point and thinking I’d never be the same again, bruised and battered on the outside but also on the inside. All my confidence was gone and it was a shock to the system. I felt much older than my 62 years.

I called Age NI about a Personal Alarm as soon as I got home. My Dad actually has one too. For a moment, that feeling of growing older and vulnerable overnight came flooding back and then it passed. I needed a little extra support and I knew I shouldn’t be afraid to ask for it.

The alarm has been literally life-changing.

I don’t feel alone any longer and I’m happy in my own home again. That tiny little button has kickstarted the confidence I took for granted for so long and it’s given my children peace of mind too. I never really think about it, I don’t have to. It’s always there.


'When my mother Rita was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it was a very difficult time.'

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