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Move More Live More

Want to get more out of later life?

Age NI is offering an exciting project aimed at supporting older people to live well for longer, with a focus on staying strong, agile and preventing falls: Move More Live More.

What is Move More Live More?

Move More Live More is about improving your activity levels, strength, balance and overall health and wellbeing to get the most out of later life.

It aims to reduce falls in people aged over 65. A fall can affect our confidence, stop us doing the things we enjoy, or even impact our ability to live independently.

Health experts believe the vast majority of falls could be prevented with some fairly modest changes to our lifestyle. Move More Live More is here to show you how.

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Every year in Northern Ireland:

What's the aim of Move More Live More?

Age NI's programme aims to share information and activities aimed at preventing falls, so more older people can get the most out of later life.

What’s involved?

All participants will receive a Move More Live More information guide from Age NI.

Participants will be selected to join a two week online course (one hour a week on Zoom) combining expert advice on health and wellbeing, with physical activity aimed at building strength and balance and safely getting you moving a little more.

Each session features information presented by health experts, and a short movement session, designed specifically for older people. The experts say it’s never too late to start and all movement is good movement.

The two week course is delivered using Zoom, and Age NI will support participants with using Zoom and getting online. All you need is access to email and the internet, via a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Move More Live More will support you to:

  • Learn how falls are preventable

  • Improve balance and feel stronger

  • Move more and reduce the risk of falls

  • Build confidence and motivation to get the most out of later life

Who is More More Live More for?

If you are aged over 65:

  • anyone who is interested in learning more about how to stay strong and active and reduce the risk of falls;

  • individuals who may have had a fall, or are noticing a change in strength or balance over the past year or feel they are slowing down;

  • individuals who have had more than one fall and are worried about falling again.

Fill out this form to apply for Move More Live More.

Shaping future services for us all as we age

This is an innovation research project funded by the UK innovation agency Innovate UK. It is looking at new ways to reduce and prevent falls, you will be helping shape future services for us all as we age. Participants must be committed to providing feedback about your experience so that we can co-design the programme together to help future development and planning.

Partners and Funders

Move More Live More, Project 10026736, is co-funded by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, under the Healthy Ageing Challenge - Designed for Ageing Competition, which is funded by the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. The aim of the fund is to deliver “game-changing innovations” to help people as they age, allowing them to remain active, independent and socially connected for as long as possible.

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund aims to bring together the UK’s world leading research with business to meet the major industrial and societal challenges of our time. It was designed to ensure that research and innovation takes centre stage in the Government’s Industrial Strategy and is run by Innovate UK and the Research Councils on behalf of UK Research and Innovation.

Email to learn more about Move More Live More. 


Last updated: Apr 18 2024

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