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Read the policy on using cookies, including a list of the cookies we use.

What are cookies?

Cookies are widely used tiny pieces of software (files) that are installed on a computer or mobile device via the browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox) when an individual visits a website.

Cookies allow websites to recognise that a user on an individual computer has previously visited the site. The cookies save some information about that user for when they access the site again in the future.

By using and browsing the Age UK website, you consent to cookies being used in accordance with our policy. If you do not consent, you must turn off cookies or refrain from using the site.

Most browsers allow you to turn off cookies. To do this, look at the 'help' menu on your browser. Switching off cookies may restrict your use of the website and/or delay or affect the way in which it operates.

How do I turn off cookies?

Most modern browsers will offer different ways to configure how they handle cookie. This can vary from only allowing cookies from websites that you trust to blocking all cookies by default.

As the steps for controlling your settings can vary for each browser, we've included links to the official instructions for the most common browsers below:

For more advice on managing cookies, have a look at the All About Cookies website.

Please note that switching off cookies may restrict your use of the website and/or delay or affect the way in which it operates.

Changes to this Cookie Policy

In keeping with legal requirements, we may need to update Age UK's cookie policy occasionally. A recent example of this is the EU General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR).

By using our website, our social media pages (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram), subscribing to our services, and/or making a donation to us, you agree that, unless you disabled them within your internet browser, we can place the types of cookies set out below on your device and use that data in accordance with this Policy.

What types of cookies are there?

Broadly, there are 4 types of cookie:

  • Strictly necessary cookies. These are cookies that are essential to make a website work and enable features that users have specifically asked for. Without use of cookies, these features of the website could not operate.
  • Performance cookies. These cookies collect anonymous information about users for the purpose of assessing the performance of a website. Common uses include well-known web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Functionality cookies. These are cookies that automatically remember choices that users have previously made in order to improve their experience next time they visit a website. For example, where users select their preferred settings and layout.
  • Targeting or Advertising cookies. These cookies are similar to performance cookies, in that they collect information about users’ behaviour. However, this information is used at individual user level to advertise products and services to users on the basis of the behavioural information collected.

What Third Party cookies does the Age UK website use?

In order for us to help understand how the Age UK website is used and to improve website performance, we use a number of cookies to track usage. This list below contains of the main cookies set on the Age UK website and for what purpose:

Performance cookiesPurpose
__utma / __utmb
/ __utmc / __utmz
Age UK uses a tool called Google Analytics to give us statistical data on the performance of our website. These cookies are placed by Google Analytics.
Functional cookiesPurpose
UserSetting This cookie remembers a user’s colour and location preferences so that next time they use the site these are displayed rather than the sites default settings. The user colour preferences can be changed using the buttons on the header of the site and the location preferences can be changed by users clicking on ‘change location’ on the map that is displayed on the right-hand column of the homepage.
Targeting and advertising cookiesPurpose
Age UK sometimes use 3rd party agencies to advertise and bring traffic to certain parts of the site, for example where we have a specific campaign. These cookie are placed by one of our 3rd-party agencies to allow them to track the activities of visitors that have come to the site from their adverts.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a product provided by Google which lets us measure the Age UK website performance as well as the return on investment from our digital marketing, to ensure we are providing the best service for our users.

Find out more on the Google website

Google DoubleClick

DoubleClick is another product from Google which enables us to track our digital marketing activities, to ensure they are cost effective and provide a good return on investment.

These cookies are dual purpose:

  1. To track anonymised user data in order to see how particular elements of the website are performing so we can analyse our marketing activity effectiveness.
  2. 2. Also used to serve different advertising to different users, as well as limiting the number of times an advert is shown.

Find out more on the Google website


Facebook is a social media platform used by both individuals and organisations or different brands. Age UK is active on Facebook, and uses the platform to communicate to supporters through both unpaid and paid posts.

Find out more on the Facebook website


Maxymiser is a website testing tool provided by Oracle. We use Maxymiser to test different creative concepts and objectives on the Age UK website in order for us to provide the best experience for our users.

Find out more on the Oracle website

Other Cookies

Age UK sometimes use 3rd party agencies to advertise and bring traffic to certain parts of the site, for example where we have a specific campaign. These cookie are placed by one of our 3rd-party agencies to allow them to track the activities of visitors that that have come to the site from their adverts.

In addition, some of Age UK's website pages feature embedded content from third party websites, such as YouTube video content, Instagram and Twitter content, and/or Facebook. To keep informed of each third party's cookie policy, please visit the links below.

Third partyCookie policy location
YouTube https://www.google.com/policies/technologies/types/
Twitter https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies/twitter-cookies
VEInterative https://www.ve.com/cookies-policy 


TradeDesk https://www.thetradedesk.com/general/privacy-policy 
Bing Ads https://support.google.com/dfp_premium/answer/2839090?hl=en
Maxymiser https://www.oracle.com/legal/privacy/privacy-policy.html
VEInterative https://www.ve.com/cookies-policy
TVSquared http://tvsquared.com/cookies/
TradeDesk https://www.thetradedesk.com/general/privacy-policy
Bing Ads https://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-gb/resources/policies/microsoft-bing-ads-privacy-policy
Ensighten https://www.ensighten.com/privacy-policy/
Quantcast https://www.quantcast.com/en-uk/privacy/
Appnexus https://www.appnexus.com/en/company/cookie-policy
Affectv https://affectv.com/privacy-policy
Cognesia http://www.cognesia.com/privacy-policy/
Optimise https://www.optimisemedia.com/website-privacy-policy/
Captify http://www.captify.co.uk/privacy-policy-opt/
Iotec https://www.iotecglobal.com/privacy-policy/

Version 1.1
Updated Friday 15 June, 2018


Last updated: May 06 2021

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