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Power NI

Power NI staff donate goods to Age NI charity shops 

Power NI and Age NI work in partnership to deliver a range of benefits to thousands of older people all over Northern Ireland.

Our main focus has been to provide practical support to older people. We have produced various information guides to keep well and warm in Winter namely: Winter Wrapped Up, Spread the Warmth and Keeping Well This Winter which have been produced and sponsored by Power NI. 

Through our partnership hundreds of older people have been able to access free home insulation. We have also assisted older people to sign up to the Power NI Customer Care Register which as part of its service provides a password scheme for customers who are worried about bogus callers.

Our partnership continues to have a significant impact on the lives of many people in later life. 

"At Power NI we are proud to be friends with Age NI and we have been delighted to be able to work with them so closely for over 10 years.  Our partnership is based on a joint care for older people, a desire to offer support through sharing useful information and a lot of creative thinking!  The team at Age NI are great to work with and we enjoy coming up with new and innovative ways to share our messages.  Some of our staff are now also volunteering for the Check in and Chat service and they are all thoroughly enjoying being connected with their older people.”

Gwyneth Compston, Power NI

Spread the Warmth 

Watch our video which explains a bit more about how you can look after yourself as the seasons turn frostier.


Useful Resources

Age NI and Power NI have produced a number of resources about keeping warm, staying healthy and improving energy efficiency during the winter:

Power NI Resources 


Last updated: Aug 23 2023

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