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  • Redbridge Door to door engagement  teams

    Published on 22 January 2021 02:26 PM

    Redbridge door-to-door engagement teams will be in Barkingside, Ilford Town, Loxford and Wanstead Village Wards over...

  • Covid-19 survey

    Published on 21 January 2021 11:36 AM

    The Health Influencing Team at Age UK are reaching out to older people to understand how the national lockdown and...

  • Public Meeting with Redbridge Council

    Published on 15 January 2021 01:06 PM

    Redbridge residents are invited to attend a virtual public meeting to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccinations and...

  • Covid Vaccine

    Published on 08 January 2021 10:39 AM

    The NHS has started to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to people across the UK, in what is the largest vaccination programm...

  • Lockdown No 3

    Published on 07 January 2021 03:17 PM

    The Prime Minister has announced a new national lockdown and instructed people to stay at home to control the virus,...

  • No One Should Have No One To Turn To

    Published on 04 December 2020 01:34 PM


  • Redbridge consultation

    Published on 13 November 2020 09:05 AM

    The London Borough of Redbridge have exciting plans to preserve and expand Fairlop Waters by adding 250 acres to the...

  • Flu vaccination

    Published on 19 October 2020 12:38 PM

    The flu jab is free if you are 65 or over or a carer. You are also eligible for a free vaccination this year if you, ...

  • World Mental Health Day

    Published on 08 October 2020 03:15 PM

    Every Mind Matters offers a range of resources that help spot the signs of common mental health concerns, offers...