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Age UK Sunderland’s main aim is to promote the well-being of all older people throughout the City of Sunderland, improve their quality of life and help them maintain independence.

Through the work of Age UK Sunderland our clients are better able to:

  • Improve or maintain their independence for longer
  • Feel less socially isolated and lonely
  • Improve or maintain their health and well-being
  • Make informed choices
  • Feel more safe and secure
  • Enjoy a better later life

“Times are changing massively for both charities and older people. “It is a hard time to be either, so our approach to ensuring what we deliver makes the right impact with the right funds has never been more important. "Age UK Sunderland staff do an amazing job to support older people across the city and achieve this through their passion and enthusiasm. “I am thrilled to be leading such a great organisation and team.

"It is all-important to me to see respect and dignity afforded to older people, as I would want it extended to me. Our services need to give older people that opportunity, as well as support, care and compassion”.

Tracy Collins

Tracy Collins, Chief Executive Officer