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Pre -diagnostic dementia support

Short term memory loss may result in forgetting recent events, repeating questions or conversations. Missing appointments and having difficulty completing tasks previously, managed well, such as organising finances and bills.

Thinking about a dementia diagnosis can be daunting, Age UK Sunderland’s Dementia Diagnosis Facilitator provides support and information regarding a dementia assessment with the Memory Protection Service (MPS) and supports you through the process.  

Most people tell us after a diagnosis that its “better to know”.  Once a diagnosis is received the Essence Service can then provide ongoing dedicated support to ensure that you and your carer live well and have access to all relevant information and support services.

If you are unsure whether your symptoms are part of “normal ageing”, or something more, come and talk to us.

Eligibility Criteria: We can support if you:

  • Have not previously been diagnosed with dementia
  • Are a carer of someone with memory loss
  • Are aged 50 years old and over (however younger people will also be supported)
  • Are awaiting a dementia diagnosis
  • Live in the City of Sunderland
  • Have been diagnosed with a mild cognitive impairment and memory loss

The support you will receive includes:

  • Support regarding a dementia assessment with the Memory Protection Service.
  • A listening ear
  • Support to access social activities
  • Ongoing dedicated support following a dementia diagnosis

Pre-Diagnostic Dementia Support