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The Crisis Service can help with problems such as if you find yourself suddenly ill in bed, if you are recovering from a bereavement, or are home from hospital after being discharged. Referrals can be made by calling our dedicated telephone line 01273 328 555 (between 8 am - 7 pm).

Due to local funding and partnerships this service is for the residents of Brighton & Hove only.

What is Crisis Level 1?sitting man

Crisis Level 1 provides temporary emergency support when other services are not available. Crisis can be there if you have an accident or are finding it impossible to cope in a domestic emergency. All Crisis carers are carefully selected and trained. 

Level 1 can help with problems such as:

  • shopping for essential items
  • quick/light meal preparation
  • support with personal care and showering
  • posting mail and collecting prescriptions
  • light household tasks
  • ‘comfort’ calls after an emergency or bereavement
  • sudden illness
  • hospital discharge
  • an accident
  • domestic emergencies

We can only deal with genuine emergency calls that need practical help of the kind mentioned above. Level 1 care workers are not medically trained and so cannot:

  • Give medication
  • Attend to clinical nursing or medical needs
  • Change dressings, catheter bags or oxygen cylinders
  • Sit or stay with clients for long periods
  • Take clients out or provide transport for them
  • Do any lifting
  • Carry out tasks where more than one care worker is required
  • Give a precise time of arrival

How does it work?

Through short visits and telephone calls we can provide practical help with regards to shopping, medication prompts, preparation of a light meal, light households tasks and low level personal care.

The service is normally available for a maximum of 7 days only.

The Crisis level 1 service is CQC registered, and was last inspected in December 2017. A rating of good was awarded for all aspects of the service following this inspection.

How do I get in touch or refer someone?comment: "Your carers are to be commended for their kindness and understanding"

Referrals can be made by calling our dedicated telephone line
01273 328 555 between 8 am - 7 pm.

Referrals can be made by older people themselves, friends, relatives or any health and social care or community professionals. The Level 1 Manager assesses all service requests to decide on the type of service required (subject to capacity), and with permission of the client and whether other support agencies need to be involved. The client’s needs will be reviewed after the first and subsequent visits.