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Worried about coming home after hospital?

Will you be going into hospital soon? Are you worried about being alone and coping when you return home? Do you have a friend or relative who is being discharged from hospital and will they be able to manage for those first few weeks? Our Support at home after hospital service is available for vulnerable adults with low level support needs.

Call 01903 717 130 to book this service.

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How can the Support at home after hospital service help me?

The aim of the service is to support vulnerable people to regain the level of independence they enjoyed prior to their hospital stay and to boost confidence and physical and mental wellbeing. The service also supports family or friend carers who have been in hospital themselves,  or those whose cared for have just come home from hospital.  You do not need to live with the person you care for.

The service will provide an initial home assessment a few days after returning home from hospital. This will provide information, emotional and practical support to reduce the risk of being readmitted to hospital and ensures you have the support you need whilst you recover from your hospital stay. Age UK West Sussex Brighton & Hove are the lead provider for this West Sussex County Council  commissioned service  working in partnership with Guild Care and Carers Support West Sussex to deliver a countywide ‘support at home after hospital’ service for people living within West Sussex.


I am coming out of hospital, what can I expect?

You can have an over the phone assessment or we can visit you to make sure you are safe within  your first week home from hospital.  We will support you to ensure you have what you need and the relevant services in place should you need them. We will ensure that you are not isolated following your return home from hospital and if necessary, arrange for a volunteer to visit once a week for up to six weeks to enable you to regain your confidence and independence.


What else should I know about the service?

We will match a volunteer to people requiring an ongoing service. They can provide practical support, work to rebuild confidence and reduce the risk of isolation. When required they can provide information and support around your caring responsibilities.

All our volunteers have an enhanced DBS check, references and on going support and training

Even if you have already made arrangements such as home help or personal care, our Support at Home after Hospital volunteer could:

  • Pop in for a chat
  • Support you to go out to do the things you did before your hospital stay
  • Support you to arrange collect of prescriptions and shopping
  • Support you to arrange transport for hospital or doctor's appointment (occasionally a volunteer may be able to come with you)
  • Provide information on other services or equipment you need
  • As a carer, we can support you to get the support needed for the cared for
  • Assist with finances/paperwork through our Information and Advice service
  • Liaise with a wide range of other services on your behalf
  • Help with a pet
  • Return library books
  • Small practical tasks in the home

The service is unable to provide:

  • Emergency or weekly shopping
  • Assistance with personal care and or medication.
  • Dressing wounds
  • Lifting clients
  • Counselling

How do I get this service?

It's easy to make a referral. Either contact the service (details below) or you can ask a Healthcare Professional, social worker, friend or relative to contact us on your behalf.

There is no charge for this service as it is supported by West Sussex County Council.

Contact us

Telephone: 01903 717 130