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Community celebrates innovative work to make Brighton & Hove a dementia friendly city

Published on 05 March 2019 10:46 AM

On Thursday 7th March, the Dementia Action Alliance is hosting an event to celebrate the range of work going on to make Brighton & Hove a more ‘dementia friendly’ community. People with dementia, local NHS representatives, project partners and local organisations will hear about the initiatives that the Dementia Action Alliance has commissioned over the last two years to improve the lives of people living with the condition.

The event will highlight seventeen local dementia projects including:

  • The ‘D-Mob’ group a peer support group for people living with dementia, run by people living with dementia.
  • Walk Tall Football a walking football class with Albion in the Community, which supports both the physical and mental health of people living with dementia.
  • The Mazel Tov project celebrating Jewish people’s memories of Brighton & Hove and encouraging cognitive development through reminiscence.
  • Pimp my Zimmer local schoolchildren personalising Zimmer frames for those with dementia, making them more likely to use them and less likely to suffer falls.
  • Pedal People people with dementia are taken out on ‘trishaws’ (special three wheel cycles with a passenger cab up front), allowing those with limited mobility to feel the wind in their hair again.
  • Dementia café’s and many more…

Matthew Moors, Co-ordinator of the Dementia Action Alliance said “This event is an opportunity to celebrate the innovative work going on across the city to engage, include and encourage  people living with dementia and their carers. Those involved in these projects are truly inspiring, working hard to ensure that people with dementia continue to feel valued and part of our community. It’s vital work, which makes a huge difference to many people.”

Derek Dove, a member of the D-Mob peer support group said “When I was first diagnosed with dementia, I was worried I’d begin to feel isolated and lonely. The Dementia Action Alliance has changed all that. I now have friends in the D-Mob group, who understand what I’m going through and provide emotional support if I need it. The D-Mob group also does things like walking football and helps local organisations understand how to become more dementia friendly. In short, I have the support I need to live as well as possible, despite my diagnosis.”

In addition to the projects mentioned above the Dementia Action Alliance has also signed up 70 local businesses and organisations to become ‘Dementia Friendly,’ adapting services to help people with dementia in a variety of ways.

The Dementia Action Alliance is managed by Age UK Brighton & Hove and aims to make Brighton & Hove a dementia friendly city. To get involved email or call Matthew Moors on 01273 720 603.