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Crisis Level 2

Our volunteers offer support to build confidence, help prevent falls and maintain independent living.

The level of support will depend upon the individual needs of each person.

What is Crisis Level 2?

Level 2 service offers support to older people to help increase confidence, prevent falls and maintain independent-living. This can involve a one-off visit to provide advice on preventing falls, or a number of regular visits over a period of weeks from a volunteer to help rebuild confidence and work towards self-selected goals.

Level 2 can also provide signposting to other voluntary services that can help with falls prevention and rehabilitation.

Level 2 can help with problems such as:

  • People who have recently been discharged from hospital and are undergoing physical rehabilitation but have lost their confidence.
  • People who need someone to support and encourage them to resume activities that will help them maintain their mobility, quality of life and independence.
  • People who can benefit from falls prevention advice and support.
  • People who have become socially isolated and lack awareness of social and physical activities that they can access.

Our Level 2 volunteers do not undertake tasks and activities on behalf of clients but encourage and support them to practice the tasks they would like to be able to do for themselves. This may involve encouraging them to engage in rehabilitative exercises or social activities both in the home and outdoors.

Level 2 is unable to:

  • Provide befriending or long term support
  • Undertake tasks on behalf of the client
  • Identify goals on behalf of the client (Goals must be the clients own goals)
  • Work with clients beyond their own capabilities
  • Provide Level 1 support (Clients should be referred to Level 1)
  • Work with complex-severe physical or mental health difficulties that make it unlikely the client will re-establish independence after short-term support.

How does it work?

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The Level 2 Manager works closely with the client to assess what they need before allocating a volunteer, and the level of support will be tailored to the person’s individual needs. Volunteers tend to visit people in their own homes on a weekly basis. All level 2 volunteers are carefully selected, trained and supervised by the manager. Where appropriate, we may offer continued support for a period of up to six months to help maintain the older persons’ ongoing independence.

The Crisis level 1 service is CQC registered, and was last inspected in December 2017. A rating of good was awarded for all aspects of the service following this inspection.

How do I find out more or refer someone?

Referrals can be made between 10.00am and 4.00pm on weekdays by calling the main Age UK Brighton & Hove switchboard on 01273 720603.

Referrals can be made by older people themselves, friends, relatives or any health and social care or community professionals.

The Level 2 Manager will assess suitable service requests (subject to capacity) to decide on the type of service required, and with permission of the client whether other support agencies need to be involved. The client’s needs will be reviewed after the first and subsequent visits.