The Crisis Service can help with problems such as if you find yourself suddenly ill in bed, if you are recovering from a bereavement, or are home from hospital after being discharged.

CrisisCrisis can be there if you have an accident or are finding it impossible to cope in a domestic emergency.

Requests for the service will be assessed by the Crisis Co-ordinator. A decision will then be made as to the type of service you need and whether other support agencies should be contacted.

Where necessary the situation will be reviewed after the first visit. If appropriate, the person using the service may be referred on to Social Services for an assessment.

Through short visits and telephone calls we can provide practical help with regards to shopping, medication prompts, preparation of a light meal, light households tasks and low level personal care.

The service is normally available for a maximum of 7 days only.

Please contact us for more information using the details below.

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29-31 Prestonville Road

Phone: 01273 720603


The story of a family we helped

Mr and Mrs G referred thmeselves to our Crisis Service and allowed us to offer some practical help and respite for Mrs G, who was not coping well with her husband’s illness and needs.

Mr G had not had a dementia assessment for 5 years, so we advised Mrs G to contact their GP as her husband was not taking his medication.

By helping Mr G to wash and dress and by listening to Mrs G’s problems coping, we were able to provide some on-going care.

Giving Mrs G the details of Occupational Therapy was a first step and they liaised with Crisis as to how we could support them together.

When her husband was admitted to hospital, we encouraged Mrs G to speak to a social worker at the hospital re. her needs for respite.

This holistic approach helped both Mr and Mrs G to access medical and social work services they needed. It offered practical and emotional support to Mrs G who was struggling to cope with a range of issues relating to her husband’s health.

Comments from families we've helped

"They have all done a superb job and they should be proud that their work makes such a huge and positive impact, particularly when people are in times of crisis."

"Dad is usually quite defensive when strangers come into the home, but your carers won him over... and he found himself looking forward to the evening visits."

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