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Friends of Age UK Horsham District are a group of people who support the local older people of Horsham District by providing regular donations to the charity.

'With a little help from our Friends', we can make sure that we will always be there for those who need us.

Join the Friends of Age UK Horsham District now

You can be helping support the community within minutes

Our Friends provide regular donations to the Charity to continue our work.

Friends donate a minimum of £4.17 a month (equal to £50 annually) payable by Direct Debit. We will be very grateful if you could make a larger donation than this. Whatever you can afford will be gratefully appreciated and make a huge difference to help an older person nearby.

By becoming a Friend, we will make the following opportunities available to you as a way of keeping you in-the-loop with news, and part of the Age UK Horsham District family

  • A personal invitation to our annual review meeting where we highlight the key successes and developments for the charity and those in later life
  • An bi-annual newsletter to inform you how the money is helping the older people in our community
  • An attractive Age UK ‘Life-Loop’ brooch to wear with pride and encourage others to support those in later life.

How to Join Friends of Age UK Horsham District

It’s really quick and easy. Simply download and print this Direct Debit form (pdf file - 100KB). Carefully complete all sections and return it to us. If you are unable to print the form, please contact us and we will gladly send you a form in the post.

We will then register you as a Friend of Age UK Horsham District and send you a welcome pack. Included with your pack will be a welcome letter, your Age UK ‘Life-Loop’ badge, your Friend reference as it will appear on your bank statement and when we expect the first payment to be made.

How will your money help?

Our Friends are essential in allowing us to continue delivering many of our services for FREE so they can be accessed by those who need them most regardless of their wealth. Many of our services receive no regular funding so we rely on donations.

The two services that are the focus for money donated by our Friends are Home Visiting and Information & Advice. Click on the links to learn more about how these services support those in our community.

As an example, Information & Advice unlocked over £1 million in the last year alone that helped hundreds of older people in Horsham District purchase care, aids or anything that could improve their standard of life.

You can donate a smaller amount

A smaller donation is also welcome, of course, and we will be grateful but would not be able to enroll you in our Friends group. However you will still receive a letter of thanks and can request updates should you wish.

Do you need help from us?

We appreciate that not everyone will be in the position to help financially. If you, yourself, need the Charity’s support in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact our Information and Advice Team on 01403 260 560.

This is a completely free service for Horsham District residents over 50 years. It can help you maximise your income (by supporting you to claim benefits to which you may be entitled) as well as linking you in with our other services, such as our Home Visiting Service and Help at Home.

Contact for more information

Telephone: 01403 751 304