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Lived Experience

Age NI's Lived Experience Survey is part of an important public conversation about our ageing society and what it means for each one of us, for every family, for local communities across Northern Ireland, and for our government.

Lived Experience 2023

Age NI wants to hear from older people about what’s important to them now and in the future. Our Lived Experience 2023 survey will help us highlight the issues of most importance.

The Lived Experience 2023 Report will be available at the end of January, check back here to read it online or request a hard copy below.

Lived Experience 2021

In Lived Experience 2021, older people reflect on what’s important to them now and what they want for the future; they also share their ideas and views on how that future can be secured. The responses range from the practical to the philosophical and are thoughtful and informed.

COVID-19: Lived Experiences 2020

We have put together a hard-hitting and emotive report highlighting the experiences of older people in Northern Ireland living through the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Last updated: Jan 16 2024

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